Convoy L6 Lux readings LOW

Hey guys I’m new to this Lux meter and wanted to see if this sounds correct ?

I have a new LX1330B and found a online site to calculate the readings ECT….

My meter read 1650lux @ 5ft away and the calculation came out as 3832.2504 ? Is that right why so low ? Resistor mod using R100 and dedome the led and brand new 26650 cells

5 feet = 1.52 metres

1650 x 1.52 x 1.52 =3812 lux/ candela at 1 metre. 123 metres ansi throw distance.

Probably better to double check at 4-5 metres just to confirm as shorter distances can be less accurate.

Wow that low for doing a resistor mod to my convoy L6 and dedome ?

Could it be possible that you have it set in the wrong range as it seems to have only a 4 digit display?


Is it set on foot candle?

I thought these throw 80kcd stock? Should be about 35000cd at 5 foot?

I’ll have to check the instructions I just followed Matt at adventure sports video

You say you de-domed the emitter, what did you do exactly? The XHP-70 doesn’t take well to de-doming, if you sliced it, well, there’s a number of ways that what you did may have lowered output considerably.

I’ll never figure out why people expect a large 4 die emitter to throw when it is, in fact, known for having a donut hole right where the throw would usually be measured. Throw is typically associated with a small die surface and larger reflector. 4 dies on one substrate, especially with a gap between em, is just not gonna throw.

5 meters is a common distance, which is 16.404’. An online site to calculate the readings? For lux? Nope, nothing to calculate. Not as far as the numbers the meter is showing is concerned. What did your meter show? If you measure out an exact 5 meters, you would multiply the meter’s reading by 5 squared, or 25. So if your meter said 1000, it’d be 1000 x 25 = 25,000 candela. For throw, you’d multiply 25,000 x 4 then take the square root of that for a throw estimate in Meters of 316.23. Is that how the online site told you to figure it? Meter reading * Distance(squared) = Candela.

5’ away is too close to get a good reading, you may well have been inside the zone for the dark center (donut hole) to show up, although the L6’s orange peel reflector is really good at smoothing the beam out.

I should also point out that you can’t get a lumens reading from a lux meter without a calibrated light box.