Convoy L6... XHP70 Beast!

3/32 = ~2.3mm. There should be plenty of room for tritium vials.

And Mixglo has 2x12mm vials in green. That should work fine. Now I need to figure out a UV light source to cure the glue. Sunlight? Could it be that easy?

Sounds like a good excuse to buy a UV Convoy S2+ :wink:

Thanx! More convenient than sunlight as well. And I can check the table and whatnot when we dine out or when I get lodging, the room. I’ve always wondered about room cleanliness and I’m actually a germophobe/bodyfluidaphobe. I just never had a way to test it before. Just effing yuck! Maybe getting it wasn’t such a good idea after all. :slight_smile: But a lit button indicator would make this light perfect and I like perfect.

I read that the Transparent Norland NOA61 UV adhesive can be a bear to work with because of the viscosity, so intense UV sounds like the way to go. Using a tiny hypodermic to place micro drops and immediately curing them sounds like the way to do it.

I’ll post pix after the mod’. But it will take time for things to arrive.

Haha, I think you’re correct, a germophobe owning a UV light sounds like a recipe for sleepless nights.

It looks like the HD2010 except that this one has 79mm head diameter , which is much larger than our standard HD2010.

The head diameter of Convoy L6 is, 75mm? So the Fandyfire has slightly bigger head. Could be a good mod host modded for throw but yeah it requires a lot of works to make it “right”.

BrianK, No harm was meant by this, my post was not at all meant to be rude or demeaning and I apologize in case maybe you took it that way. I was playfully being silly and impulsively stating my first thought when I saw it, that it seemed like a large block/wall of text in a sea of short posts.

I absolutely wasn’t implying that you wrote too much, there’s nothing wrong with a long post! Just me being being silly, why I put the SILLY face there.

I feel kind of bad I started all this with my short question, I appreciate everyone’s answers but I never imagined it would evolve into such a huge and intense discussion veering your excellent thread so far off topic!


I started to sort of feel the same way, and I’m the one who started this!

Thanks for starting that, and it helped to get this thread back on topic!

And thanks for editing out that “not relevant” (rude-trolling) stuff! :wink:

Hello bibihang.
Here is some comparison:
Convoy L6 has better build quality than FandyFire;
Convoy L6 has better trow, almost twice;
Convoy L6 is 5000K, FandyFire is cool wihte;
FandyFire giving more flood light on close range - about 30 meter. In this case has better performance than L6;
Best regards.

Richard likes the L6… Here is what he had to say…


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Convoy shipment has arrived. Restock on almost everything that’s out of stock, and a few new toys…like the L6. cool I had to build one of my own to compare, and really guys this thing is pretty maxed out in stock form! It’s running at 6A to the emitter and with a pair of King Kongs the output from a 27.5mm FET driven light with the same binned emitter is only 500-1000 lumens more—-which is a very small visual difference. I think that if I went through and reduced resistance more and ran hotter cells you could get a little bit more, but seriously it’s pretty good stock. The beam is well blended, but of course that means that throw has been reduced. That’s just part of the tradeoff of using the XHP70.

Ok, here we go.

The tripod clamp was purchased from Banggood and the link is below.

It can hold tubes with a diameter of between 1cm and 4cm (the L6 is approx. 3.5cm diameter). So far it has worked very well.

Beam0. I took no offense, in fact, I chuckled when I read it. I noticed the exact same thing after I posted it.

I ordered mine on 7/9 from Adventure Sport Flashlights, but have not received a shipping notice. I have e-mailed Matt a few minutes ago about my shipment. I do not mind problems and up to now Matt and Adventure Sport Flashlights have been very good at solving problems. :slight_smile:

That is SWEET!
It just might be exactly what I’ve been looking for. Seeing the power of the L6, I wanted to mount it on a tripod very early on. This looks like an excellent solution. If the build quality is as good as it looks I’m getting one of those on order. It looks like it will fit all the lights I want to mount on a tripod without having to worry about damaging my lights. :+1:

Should I talk to Banggood about getting a BLF discount on this thing? Neal certainly came through on the KeepPower cells. Are enough people interested in this? It looks ideal to me. What does everyone else think?

I know most “normal” people don’t think too much about how to properly mount their flashlights to tripods. :smiley:

BLF isn’t exactly built on “normal” people now though is it? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve confirmed all the driver details with Simon.

The FX-30 listed in the Convoy store is the exact same driver used in the L6 including our changes to the firmware.

I had him update the listing to include the description.

The driver description:
• 4 modes plus a hidden strobe.
• Last mode memory.
• Current controlled driver…No PWM.

Mode settings:
• Low – 50mA
• Med – 200mA
• High – 1700mA
• Turbo – 5000mA
• Hidden strobe – activate by a quick double tap on the side switch.

Link to purchase.

I will add this to the OP as well. :+1:

Cool! Helpful details, and still surprisingly inexpensive…
Ordered mine (along with a few other small goodies from Simon) a few days ago. Order status is shipped, but no tracking info yet.

Thx…I couldn’t pass this up. Ordered

I ordered a driver. I left a note requesting to bill me by PayPal. But I’m wondering if the message went through as it prompted me to pay NOW. Hope he gets my message as I did not complete payment process. In other words, will my message (without paying) get to Simon or not? Never ordered from him before now.

Three hours later Matt of Adventurers Sport Flashlights sends me an notice of shipment and an apology. What a good way to run a business. :slight_smile:



Thanks, now I don’t feel so bad.

I didn’t think you took it wrong, but apparently someone else did, and I got a little concerned after reading their rude, trolling, name-calling post about it, where I was referred to as a dumbed-down cave man who doesn’t read books, a member of the nefarious suicidal culture encouraging dumbness throughout society! :person_facepalming: