Convoy L6... XHP70 Beast!

I’ve never been a fan of tactical rings but on my S50 and S70, they were easily removed and looked good either way. So, include it for those who want it but make sure the threads underneath are anodized so it looks good if we choose to take it off.

J-Dub, is it time to start a new thread?

Or a if you don’t need the tactical ring you can replace it with a simple flat ring like on L2 and L6. Simon can keep the stock C8 internals as reflector, lens, driver and tailcap internals, but give it an XP-L HI or an XM-L2 on DTP MCPCB, and maybe a 3.5A turbo mode. My C8 can work on 3.5A over minutes and not too hot to hold in hand.

Yep definitely increase the current. Maybe even change the driver to a constant current driver (instead of linear).
And maybe he could make an extension tube for it so we could use a dual cell setup?

Really like the idea if every flashlight be a platform that you can use and modify to your preference.

Who doesn’t love Lego :wink:

That’s a great news! And I hope these are the real DTP boards!

It’s just convenient to have the light come with DTP board in stock form already (I’m getting more and more lazy for modding lol). And yes, the point is that the price of DTP boards are actually just slightly higher than normal boards, so why not? :sunglasses:

Maybe Simon can go further in changing all the MCPCB board in his other lights into DTP board too.

Keep in mind, there is no flashlight sold by Simon in his store with a DTP copper star, never was, from the C8 to L4 to L2, tube lights, and BD series. If you check djozz's tests, the copper stars without DTP do pretty good (, specially at the lower amps which all of Simon's Convoy lights ship at, 2A - 3A or so, up until this L6. Simon actually sells copper stars without DTP here:

For this L6 of course, it's 5A in turbo, so the benefit of DTP should be greater, but all depends on the quality of non-DTP copper star compared to. The dielectric layer, responsible for blocking the direct thermal path can vary in thermal characteristics, dependent on thickness, material, design, etc..

In djozz's tests for example, on an XM-L2 at 5 amps, the difference is only about 5%, about the same effect as upgrading to an AR lens.

Don’t know why it’s taken this long for me to stumble into this thread…. But I am in for one once we get neutral and a dtp board :slight_smile:

Yes you’re right, and it was just a suggestion for Simon to include DTP copper board in his other lights as well, considering that the DTP copper board is just slightly more expensive than the non-DTP one, and it will be more convenient for us to boost the current of these lights without having to reflow the LED onto a different board anymore - Basically just like what XinTD C8 V5 offers now. :slight_smile:

Did I miss the host link?

What are the dimensions of the driver and cavity?

Thanks for all the help.

+1, for not much difference in cost, certainly preferred. I'll take an extra 5% for additional amps for sure, then of course as the amps goes up, the percentage goes up. Hope he does take note of this and realizes it's what we want, specially if not much difference in cost. I think though the cost delta for a $15-$20 light is more substantial, based on Simon's price on copper stars vs. Hank's @IOS.

Don't think anything has been posted about it yet. I asked earlier - they might not know yet.

Thank you for saying this. I am happy that Simon was able to do this for us but I have a feeling the original copper star he used will prove a very solid performer. We’ll know soon enough. There are a handful shipping now with the original copper plate that will be tested against DTP alternatives. I look forward to seeing a true comparison and what difference there is in actual numbers. :beer:

Pretty soon, yes it will have to be a new thread. Many of the suggestions being made here for an 18650 light would be beautifully accomplished with a shrunken L6 which by the way would essentially be an L4 with more style. :crown: Elements of each could be combined into a beautiful new light which includes nothing so unrefined as exposed threads. That’s the beauty of the simple ring born in the L2. People receiving their lights think “Hey, there are no threads for me to put this tactical ring on.” then they look really closely and realize the simple ring came installed and they didn’t even know it was there as it is so masterfully blended into the design. :beer:

I have had issue with that “simple ring” even after knowing it was there! It just is very difficult to see and I forget. Then feel foolish when the ring will unthread and allow the tactical to fit. Beautifully done indeed. And yes, I’d be very interested in a “baby brother” of this style.

This place is killing my wallet…. Lol, now I need one of these in NW…

Seriously though, the C8 is an icon of flashlights, it will never be out of style… A single 18650 version of the L6 should be called an L8, but in textspeak, that translates to “late”… So would L6S be better?

Did someone said C8 sized L2/L6 style flashlight?


Actualy 3 times( considering BLF coupons)

I presume that L6 will hit 70k mcds, i still dont have L6 but i do have several TF S70, and TM16 plus TK75
TK 75 by default is about 95k mcds and the beam profile is tighter compared to S70, the lumen output is the same, even S70 is bigger cause i usualy spring bypass both springs( this without any other mods gives automaticly 5.7 tail amps( using both Sanyo GA or Soshine 5500ma or Efest 5200ma) and real 70k mcds and about 4k lumens

When dedomed TK75 is a beast - about 240k mcds, when sliced S70gives more or less 120k mcds
Plus TK75/TM16 UI is great

Yet there is a 3x price difference

In fact we DO need a single battery L6 with a SMO reflector, C8 looklike flashlights we have so many … yet C8 looking L6 with a 55mm SMO reflector/single battery/side switch will fill a gap in our flashlight hosts :sunglasses:

With the new Convoy L6 not in anyone’s hands yet, that would be difficult to say. Doubtful though, as the methodology between the quad die single emitter and multi die emitter set-ups are quite different. One is geared to be more of a thrower, the other a general purpose high output flooder.

Think about it… the quad die XHP-70 requires defocusing or diffusion to eliminate the donut hole in the middle, hence it’s going to be more of a flooder. The TK75 has mirror finished reflectors around individual dies, aimed at being more of a thrower and much more effective at doing so. De-dome the XM-L2’s and watch it go! (much higher Kcd, ~double, and much better throw. The XHP-70 can’t compete.)

Gearbest has a great deal on the L6. If I wasnt waiting to NW and DTP, I would have pounced on that deal!

Would Gearbest stock the NW DTP eventually? It’s just that they can DHL it to me at a great price :smiley:

but i suppose the act of confirming that it is NW and DTP with Gearbest would be a chore whereas Simon can easily say: yes it is NW and DTP

I know, I just ordered it. With a bunch of points, I got it for $40 with fast shipping. Who cares about the tint and DTP for that price! Cost me less then double the price for the darn keeppower 5200’s.

Excited for my first convoy….