Convoy L6... XHP70 Beast!

Cool! Helpful details, and still surprisingly inexpensive…
Ordered mine (along with a few other small goodies from Simon) a few days ago. Order status is shipped, but no tracking info yet.

Thx…I couldn’t pass this up. Ordered

I ordered a driver. I left a note requesting to bill me by PayPal. But I’m wondering if the message went through as it prompted me to pay NOW. Hope he gets my message as I did not complete payment process. In other words, will my message (without paying) get to Simon or not? Never ordered from him before now.

Three hours later Matt of Adventurers Sport Flashlights sends me an notice of shipment and an apology. What a good way to run a business. :slight_smile:



Thanks, now I don’t feel so bad.

I didn’t think you took it wrong, but apparently someone else did, and I got a little concerned after reading their rude, trolling, name-calling post about it, where I was referred to as a dumbed-down cave man who doesn’t read books, a member of the nefarious suicidal culture encouraging dumbness throughout society! :person_facepalming:

I think he will but I recommend sending him a message about it through the aliexpress message system, (“contact now” link with envelope icon under contact seller on the left side of the product page for the L6) then give him a day or two to reply, he has replied to my inquires that way before.

Nice adjustable clamp, thanks for posting the photo, looks like it has some textured rubber pads to protect the tube :+1: Wishlisted.

Absolutely. Matt runs a nice honest business. :+1: Plus, he’s a big Convoy fan so he obviously knows his stuff. :wink:

Thank You beam0 ! I did that just now. :+1:

Now that seems handy, I ordered this one, for ~$4,40 worth the try, thanks for the term to search for!

Yep, just be patient! I ordered my L6 that way - each email took a while, but worked fine.


Thanks for posting that. I didn’t have time earlier. As was said here, it’s a bit unconventional but until Ali integrates PayPal it’s what we’re stuck with. It was actually this bizarre process that started me on this mission that led to what I’m doing now. That’s how well it worked out. :slight_smile:

Hm, that clamp reminded me of this:

I’m not sure how you’d attach this to a tripod, though.
On the above item, the clamp rotation can be changed in 90 degree increments, and requires a somewhat skinny screwdriver (not mini but not normal-sized) to loosen a screw to change the direction.
It is ‘busier’ and MUCH heavier and more solid-feeling than any of several bike flashlight mounts I bought recently. (Not sure if this is good or bad yet—haven’t tested it yet.) I think a lot of cheap Ebay bike mounts might work… if you could figure out how to mount them on a tripod. Anyway, FYI.

Beam0, there was no rudeness or “trolling” on my part. That is called psychological projection, because your actually post was actually that, hence my defense of Brian, even though you did not intend for it to be taken negatively (eyeroll). I stand by that putting an emoji at the end doesn’t turn words nice. I was defending BrianK’s great, meaningful, well-thought-out post, vs the opposite he (almost instantly) got as a reflexive reaction which you now have acknowledged was thoughtless (and I appreciate that). Before anyone posts, they should ask themselves if this actually adds ‘anything’ to the conversation (at all). I jumped in to do that, because the same thing has happened to me before. I can already tell BrianK is brilliant, positive person and I’m glad he’s here and posting, and I’m glad you are too. He can clearly handle himself, but I didn’t want anyone discouraging him, as the same has not been helpful to me or how I feel about writing posts. BTW, I left Pennsylvania to get away from that mentality I was (partly) railing against. True story. The results weren’t perfect, but substantially improved. So I know what I’m talking about with that. I’m glad everything seems to be good now, no hard feelings if none from you as well.

Thanks for posting the bike mount, I’ve been looking for a good one that’s quick release and can accept different lights, didn’t know about that model.

Haha absolutely no hard feelings on my part at this point, even though I disagree it wasn’t rudeness or trolling. There was a boatload of derogatory name calling in your response, hard to see how that wasn’t rude, you could have made your point with far less acrimony, hence trolling as well.

I don’t think you intended to be rude or trolling and didn’t even realize you were (and still are) Apparently just the product of an argumentative personality. But I always try to see the good in people. I’m a very positive person, my mindset has always been one of encouragement and helpfulness, that’s why I took offense to your misinterpretation and scathing retort of my comment.

Here’s a few facts in reference to your comments, please don’t interpret these as rude or contentious. After this I will not comment or reply any further about it and I hope you don’t either:

“even though you did not intend for it to be taken negatively”
It actually wasn’t, only viewed that way by you, and you were completely off base. So no “psychological projection” by me! I stand by that my emoji wasn’t a smiley to try to “turn words nice” It was the SILLY face to say I was just being silly. BrianK understood that.

What did it “add to the conversation”?
Actually it was meant to add “fun” to the conversation. A bit of release. I certainly could ask the same about your (very much longer) demeaning rebuttal, what did that “add to the conversation”? As you concluded yourself “He (BrianK) can clearly handle himself, so you had no business posting it.

“but I didn’t want anyone discouraging him”
That’s your excuse to troll?


There are negative people everywhere, (not only in Pennsylvania!) people who enjoy seeing others fail. Obviously you are overly sensitive to that. My best advise for anyone is to resolve to ignore those people and ardently carry on with their aspirations.

Take a look at the Manfrotto Superclamp. Ama zon or E bay or wherever.
I bought 2 of them years ago for photographing and mounting an actioncam on my kitebuggy.
It has tripod socket. You can buy additional adapters.
It is really solid. You can clamp an Olight S10 or a TN30 including all lights with a diameter betweeen them.
No budget solution but solid and customizable for different use.
Now I use it for beamshots mounting different flashlights on a tripod.

Getting back to the trit/GITD/lit switch conversation - my plan is to swap out the driver with a FET based driver w/LDO running Narsil with the Indicator/Locator LED support. Unfortunately, doesn't look like the L6 has any outer flat surface in the pill area to drill a hole for a light pipe, which I've been doing on other lights (maybe still do-able with a sealant though under those flat fins, or machining out a flat surface). So, other option is translucent switch cover, and doing my own switch board - could use DipTrace to lay it out, OSHPark to generate the thin PCB version, with a LED or 2.

Have no clue when I'd have time to do this, but it's a plan .

But w/Narsil, you get true smooth ramping, 2X click to max, 3X click to batt status (and toggles the locater LED feature), 4X click does a lockout. Planning on adding a 2X click when at max to go to intense strobe. So, from ON or OFF, 2X to max, another 2X to strobe - I think this is somewhat acceptable to get it quickly, and still maintain all the ramping and multiple mode set support. Would love to see this happen on the L6 - wayyy too good of a light to not have full max amps and a good UI with locater/indicator LED, very low parasitic drain I'm assuming you'd get with the LDO.

Something would have to be done for Temp monitoring, to please those wanting it, though I'd want capability to disable it.

Downsides? Can't use a 7135 (not good at taking over 5v), so PWM's in all modes, but at a high 15.6 Khz rate. There are other options - special resistor based moon mode w/no PWM, add a bank of 7135's for most/all lower modes, etc. Oopsie! No, can't do that because of the same reason: 2S cell source is too high voltage for 7135's to handle well.

illumino, thanks for pointing me at the manfrotto… bhphotovideo has an impact brand for $10 less ($19.95) that’s aluminum with rubber jaws, clamps from 1/2” to 2.16”…. gonna order one in the next few minutes. :slight_smile:

Impact Super Clamp with T Handle

Manfrotto… what does it cost? Just curious, good name, and their stuff is generally a bit more expensive, or it was years ago when I priced photo gear. It might even come from the same factory in China, just to their specs and with their name on it. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

I really didn’t take Beam0s post as being rude but exactly as he said he wrote it. I really did have the same reaction to my wall of text after it had been posted, but I have a rule, and that’s if I took the time to write it I meant it to be there. So I didn’t go back and edit it.

There was a response that was quite rude (I don’t even remember what it was about), but I just ignore stuff like that. Because…

Story time. I’m a competitive shooter, not a good one but I do shoot to keep in practice (action pistol, google it). My club just hosted the Area 7 (New England) Championship where people came from all over the nation and as far away as Estonia. After shooting the staff match I got to work it for 2 days. There was one gent who was a real horses ass. He knew his score was correct (I was the scorekeeper), but he disputed the number of misses he had. Misses count as nothing. So I asked him, “How many would you like?”. I also asked him how many he had, but he didn’t know, but he knew my scoring was wrong. His score and number of misses was accurate as it was called out to me from the range officer. That wasn’t good enough for him, and he decided to call over the match director to “get to the bottom of the discrepancy”. He was using the rule book to attempt to get a reshoot of the very tricky stage 7. A bit later one of the range officers on the stage came up to me and told me,“You know the more I think about that, the angrier I get.”. I responded, “Don’t let it get to you. We’ll go home to warm and loving homes and family. You just know that he’s going to go home to a mortgage he can’t afford, kids that despise him, and a ”Jersey Shore” type wife who is high maintenance. He has a reason to be such an ahole.“. He just looked at me and started laughing, ”Yeah, and he lives in ———- state. That’s gotta suck.“. I look at most folks of that sort in that light. Their life sux and mine doesn’t and I won’t let them spread their disease to me. That feces passes off of us as long as we know that the person spreading it has reasons to be an ass. I generally don’t get involved unless I have a rough day and everyone has those, even the aholes.

BTW, he never got his reshoot and he was only one of 2 aholes to shoot “my” stage that weekend, but he was the worst. Everyone else who shot it were ladies and gents. Competitive shooters are some of the nicest people in the world. It must be horrible for the aholes to rub elbows with really nice people and to have that comparison to see just how effed up they are as people. Since I was a contributing sponsor I got to send my products to some shooters that I’ve read about and never thought that I’d ever rub elbows with. It was pure joy to watch these folks shoot at their level.

Oh, the rude response… That was one of the reasons I wrote such a long post. I wanted to give him as much rope as he needed to hang himself on the forum.

I wrote the above about no one who has responded recently. I also don’t want to hijack the thread. Please let’s just drop it and let’s get back to the L6. To dwell on this keeps the feces that was spread around on us instead of allowing us to wash it off and get on with things worthy of our time and energy.

Thanks gents.

DB, that is a REALLY nice clamp! That’s worth the $20.

I’m really interested in your project Tom ! Keep us updated . That would be ideal for the L6 .