Convoy L7 with the SBT 90.2 updates? Or similar lights from Noctigon?

I have read a few posts referring to the imminent release of the Convoy L7 SBT 90.2 flashlight but, I haven't seen anything confirming this outside of a few post references. I see Noctigon K1's are now available with the SBT 90.2 so, maybe this is a better choice.

The few flashlight reviews I have seen from other brands suggest the emitter isn't fitted to reasonable reflectors/heads and battery so performance was poor. I'm assuming this is a big footprint emitter that would be great for a good flood and throw flashlight. I'm looking for something that has a smooth beam as I have seen in pictures of the Acebeam L35 with a good throw. What other flashlights are worth consideration besides the Convoy L7? Or should I just wait for the L7?