Convoy lanyard hole.

I’m sure there is some coupon with better price.
Yes, only 3D (5000K), 1A (6500K), 5A(4000K)

I might go with the 5000K if all else fails. Non anodized version looks cheap.

Is it possible to buy the convoy tail part separately? I couldn’t find any in their official stores


Just buy the tail-cap magnets
then use your imagination on a paracord to a iron disc
I’d use dc-fix instead of those wand diffusers

Convoy can accommodate tail-cap magnets? if it will then it’s a good idea :slight_smile:

Whats a dc-fix diffuser? you have any pictures?

I still think the simplest solution would be to position the clip opposite the lanyard holes, and then run a loop of string or wire through the clip. Just gotta size the loop so that it comes just to the end of the tailcap. Then run another piece of string through this loop and one of the lanyard holes.

There is also a Eagle Eye X2 without charge port

If you use the Convoy Tail magnet glued to the tail cap the lanyard holes are blocked permanently

Awesome, just checked in gearbest and found it uses the tailcap I’m looking for

Update:Simon replied and he said he won;t be selling any spare tailcaps. :frowning:

So it’s been a while since I’ve been looking for a solution and finally I have decided that Delta_V’s solution is by far the easiest and simplest. Coincidentally another user from from Fasttech named “wuwei.ap” suggested the same idea along with a picture of his light and this convinced me.

This is the picture of his light hanging.

So my problem is solved. Thanks to all who have helped me, and special thanks to Delta_V and wuwei.ap. :slight_smile: