Convoy M21B GT FC40 1800K

Hello everyone!

One more review finished. Convoy M21B with GT FC40 1800K LED compared to S11 GT FC40 4500K and S11 XHP50.2.
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M21B GT FC40 1800K

M21B GT FC40 1800K vs S11 GT FC40 4500K

Color temperature measurements and PWM using OPPLE Light Master Pro:

Thanks for the review. I just got the Convoy M21E GT FC40 1800k tint a few days ago.
I’m really enjoying the extra warm tint. It’s so easy on the eyes.
Although I have to admit when I first turned it on, it made me go woah. I initially thought the tint was a little too low and made things look kinda orange.
But after playing around with it for a little while, I quickly got used to it and now I like it just as much as my 2700 - 3000k lights
I think it would be perfect for when we go camping at the beach and spearing in the tidepools at night and walking the rocky coastline.
Looking forward to the Labor Day weekend.

That’s crazy.
Makes everything look cartoonish.

As a candle, 1800K would look reeeeeally good, but I’s need some serious getting-used-to to have it in a flashlight.

’Though it does seem to cut through the fog better. I could see more detail in the bush leaves with the 1800K, whereas the 4500K seems to have more splashback.

mine is more yellowish than orange

I guess I am a creature of habit, but that 1800K is just ugly to my eyes. It looks almost orange on my monitor. And there is the sacrifice of all of those lumens.
Hard pass for me.

orange > blue

The color is more red in real, for me it looks very nice. Reminds of the color of rising sun.

Thank you for taking the time to do this.

From your video the 1800K was marginally better for fog. I wonder if the difference would be more or less in smoke.

Question: Your graphs show greater run time with the S11. What model batteries did you use in each flashlight?

Thanks again.

Litokala 5000mah in s11 and molicel 4000 in m21b