Convoy M21F vs M21B: Old Dog, New Tricks!

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Hi Darren…welcome to BLF! Nice videos.

Dropping videos with no words or introduction and it looks like you might be heavily into amazon affiliate sales…you might like to add your name to this thread where other reviewers are listed and might see attention from vendors: Reviewer List for Manufacturers

The gentleman who started that thread is also a great reviewer if you check out his youtube channel (incredible footage from drones, too…!). I saw your first post about the L21B - he’s the guy who actually created that light with Simon to bring it to market for his hunting customers in New Zealand. Here’s his original thread on that one but there are several others here that discuss the tech and specs, issues, etc: Convoy designed me (us) a hunting flashlight (L21B)

Watched a couple of your videos yesterday. On the L21B thrower battle thing…did you get to compare them at a distance of more than 150m? That’s pretty short for throwers and doesn’t reveal a whole lot. Also, it was good to see your 26800 video with that green cell - curious, though, why did you feel it was necessary or safer to wrap the exposed lower can with kapton? Doesn’t hurt, but there’s no need to really (I’m not sure why those green/blue ones are short-wrapped that way, but I assume it must be for whatever device(s) they were originally intended for…kinda assume they might have been for e-bike or scooters packs, dunno).

Simon also has a long-running Convoy business/discussion/development thread on here that you might like to follow (similar ones from Hank (Emisar/Noctigon), Wurkkos, Sofirn, and several other vendors, too). The title of the thread changes regularly as Simon announces a new something…often the news is in ongoing posts and not updated in the initial post: 【convoy】got some NICHIA 719A R9050 LED sample

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Hi Correllux, thank you for the introduction and tips. Been a while since I’ve posted here but I was a member here in my teens… then stopped collecting lights until recently.

In that L21B video, I recorded a beam shot around 400m, it’s included along with the ones at the end of the video.

Not sure, was worried it might short circuit with the short wrapper so I thought to tape it off.

“You can check out any time you like but you can never llleeeaaavvvvve…” :slight_smile:

I was talking about the L21B vs C8 that you linked in your first post here, for the distance. I just looked at your previous L21B-only video and did see the 400m in that one.

One the cell, the entire can is negative (just the bottom end exposed when normally wrapped)…so it’s no trouble having that last bit being bare. Kinda weird to do it that way but they must have a market reason for it. The postive end where + and - meet is where you need to be cautious that the wrap is intact, and if you ever drop one or crush the + terminal check to be sure things are still correct. In most lights (there are exceptions) the battery tube is carrying “negative” current from the cell, through the tail spring and cap, and on up to the ground ring of the driver, so even if the exposed can bottom were touching bare metal that’s ok (many lights are anodised on the inside of the battery tube but some aren’t…doesn’t matter so much).

With the consideration that the tail switch in some lights might get bypassed if the “can” ( sides primarily) allow ground elsewhere, other than the spring. :wink:

I’ll try to take some longer-distance ones for future videos :smiley:

Ok thanks for that explanation, as I was worried about the exposed metal at the base! I got a second cell as well, the QB26800 that comes in a gold coloured wrapper. This is a monster of a battery. I think it’d be great also for a larger EDC.

Do you mean in lights like the Nitecore P23i, where the positive and negative terminal on one end is utilised? I’m not a fan of proprietary cells though.