【convoy】M21H bezel available now

Is there a chance the L21A single cell flashlight will fit in the Holster / Cover / Case for M3 M21C M26C

few more questions about L21A :person_facepalming:
Is it difficult to get XHP 35 HI with 5000K?

Any chances for a L21A version with a side switch (like L6) and maybe even ramping?

Any chances for M21C-U, M21A and L21A version with Osram emitter?

XHP35 (both HD and HI AFAIK) have been discontinued. There are already many popular lights that used them out of stock within the last few months.

Barkuti - interesting; I just wrote that up based on the numbers that Osram gave in their product selector:

Well, there is an error somewhere, probably a small slip-up from Osram but can't say for sure. Will ask djozz to see if he really got an F1.

All good! If he has an F1 and 13 and tests them, and they’re flipped around, I’ll go and change the chart. Otherwise I might leave it because that’s all I’ve got to go off :slight_smile:

Yup. And the new Olight Odin is using something but Olight won’t say what. (I even tried e-mailing customer support.) There was some discussion on reddit that it might be XHP35.2 Hi, but I’m unconvinced.

If its 2000 lumens and the light “vibrates” (shit boost driver probably) xhp35 seems a good bet. Who cares though olight = :confounded:

not difficult,
it’s the sale of XHP35 HI is not good ,
There is not much demand for 5000K, so I did not order 5000K color temperature LED

The L21A can be slightly modified to match the M21C-U driver
The centering of the osram spot is not very good. I am producing a small accessory to improve the effect.

The main reason is that the sales volume of L21A is not much, so I have not made the matching holster for the time being.

Probably a (chem?) dedomed XHP35.2 HD. They dedomed the 35 HD for the M2R Pro and Warrior X Pro. The yellow borders of the pad are a dead giveaway IMO. Could be a stock 35.2 HI too, nobody actually has pictures of that yet AFAIK.

Pretty sure the only reason for not picking the 35/ HI (with a FAR superior tint :person_facepalming: ) on those previous lights was getting some slightly higher max output numbers to put on the packaging and give reason to “upgrade” for consumers that don’t know how perception of brightness works. Clear case of a marketing team leading engineering decisions, and I bet it got them a ton of sales to boot…

But isn’t that how the whole brand is run? :stuck_out_tongue:

I get it, you have the S2+ a shining superstar . Everybody knows S2+

But maybe people don’t know about the L21A, and other gems. I think there was somebody 4 months ago inquiring about it and XHP70.2. I bet you he doesn’t know you started selling it this week.
Alright then we will try to open a separate thread and bring some attention.

Anyway is there any other holster the L21A would fit?
Would it make sense to modify the bottom of M3 holster?
I think the head is 65mm, the battery tube is 22mm, length is 175mm

I will produce some holsters suitable for L21A in small quantities

Did anyone receive a Z1 yet? Interested in what people think before I place my order.

I impulse purchased from Banggood presale and received last week.

Fully zoom doesnt exactly give 100% focus of the square led rather about 90% (i think). I swapped with flat white and it helps the throw but still it could come close to CPF Cometa flat white led.

Z1 built is good as usual but CPF Cometa with flat white led is still my favorite.

will post photos comparison tonight. Hope Simon fine tune this light further to make the led projection more focus.

Thanks for your input. I wonder if you could put something about 1mm in size below lens and gently put back together to see

Huh? :facepalm:

Hope it is not, but something tells me that is deliberate. And bad. Let's see what Simon has to say.

There is a brief video on Youtube.

Edit: There is another video (Indonesian) comparing it against one of the fake XHP zooming flashlights.