【convoy】M21H bezel available now

Can anyone say how the CSLNM1.F1 compares to the CSLPM1.F1? and how much current or what driver is recommended for the CSLPM1.F1?

Looking to use in a c8+

EDIT; just noticed you meant GREEN most of this applies but idk about max current because mostly white has been throughly tested

NM1 = about 4A max
PM1 = about 7A max

NM1 = smaller die, smaller more concentrated beam
PM1 = larger die, about 1.8x more lumens

If you max out both the throw is similar but if not the NM1 is probably going to make a pencil thin super long beam.

Think of the PM1 like a cool white xpl hi on steroids but you have to limit current, unlike xpl hi.

NM1 will be dedicated thrower and not useful until beam gets some distance

The LONG answer is here: OSRAM CSLNM1.TG & CULNM1.TG 1mm², CSLPM1.TG & CULPM1.TG 2mm²

Thanks so much for the detailed answer! I went ahead and ordered the PM1 and a 5A driver…we’ll see what i can do with it, lol.

The CSLPM1.TG maxed out at 7.5A in djozz's test, while Texas_Ace tested an XP-L HI 1A V2 and it peaked at 7.25A. If you care for your leds, you have to set some limit in both cases.

Very kind of you.You are the king :sunglasses:

I am working on a thread about the new throwers here
Let me know anything to change
By the way does the C8 holster fit M21A flashlight, or a little too short?
M21A has the same head as C8+ right?

Yes, but in the case of XPL-Hi the forward voltage was higher than open circuit voltage on fully charged battery - let alone on battery loaded with 7.25A. That’s why it’s safe to use XPL-Hi in single-cell lights with direct drive (no current limits).

For comparison, the 7.5A forward voltage of CSLPM1.TG was about 3.25V. We’ve repeatedly seen them over-driven or damaged by direct drive, with a FET and a half-decent cell you’ll get much more. This is why CC drivers are important.

C8 holster fits even nightwatch ni40 (26650 flashlight).

M21A has the same diameter as C8.

Oops! True. Thanks for pinpointing, Scallywag.

Raining tonight so cant do long shot outdoor comparison.

Here is a quick indoor shot @ 5m with high mode. I also do longer shot at 30m and the stock light still doesnt project crisp sharp edge

I reckon Convoy Z1 focal length needs to reduce to get fully projection of the led die.

If you wind it back slightly from full extension does it make a difference?

Not bad. I think Simon wanted to keep tight focus but without ugly square spot.
And i like that W1 mod. I’d keep it as is, only emitter swap.

When you can post some outdoor photos.

winding back will make the gap more larger and less focus.

What you see the image comparison is the max focus on each light

Edit: stupid auto correction :frowning:

cometa with flat white is so much fun. It almost feel like a laser beam.

hard to do justice with photos.

Will try outdoor long shot tomorrow

All good - I’m playing with the Brinyte T18 now and once got it where it was defocused at full open. But I think I may not have tightened it enough or something.

(copy from post 2929)

That focus of the Z1 is not so bad, I doubt that you will see or even measure significantly less throw. I understand that he avoided a sharp focus, apart from aspheric flashoholics a sharp die projection is considered ugly. I made a few high CRI aspheric mods that I tuned to slightly off-focus too.

It is a bit of a disappointment though that the Z1 has a bit smaller lens and larger focus than the Cometa while not being significantly smaller in size.

I put white flat in a OTR Z821 recently and had to use thicker MCPCB (by 0.5mm) than stock. I found that after I shimmed the lens outward and adjusted focus manually I got ~7.5% more kcd and honestly I could not tell any significant difference in focus visually.

I just now tried another zoomie and ever so slightly defocused it and I see ~15-17% change in lux.

I guess ugly die projection and significant decrease are subjective but at distance these are intended you wont notice die anyways and it’s easy enough to underfocus LED manually after all this is what zoomies do.

“meten=weten” (measuring=knowing) :+1: . 15-17% is significant, so my assumption was wrong.

For my comment on the above, see djozz's comment below.

I love the figure of the die projection, it's an identity sign of aspheric flashlights. It's beautiful.

As much as I understand that being judgmental is no good, there are times that I simply can't avoid it. To me, downgrading a product to meet the requirements of morons dimwits is a disservice.

Yes, the head of the Z1 is massive versus its lens diameter. Super thick edge. Could use a much bigger lens.

It would also have to be longer with a bigger lens. So really you have just made another of the same light at that point.

If the head was slimmed down and same lens used it (and focused) it would be very unique at least.

No one promised a half priced Cometa but I guess we cant help but get our collective hopes up when we see new lights.

z1 has 6 amp output on highest mode. will it be safe to use flat white 1mm2 or will it turn blue? and anyone know the mcpcb size?