【convoy】M21H bezel available now

20mm mcpcb - 6A through a wf1 will most likely start to go blue, yep.

hello, best driver for osram 1mm red (CSLNM1.23) around 1.5-2A using single 18650? continuous use on C8+.

So it uses one of these ∅22mm newer gen SST40 linear drivers, with 10mΩ sense resistor:

Sense resistor size seems to be 2010 imperial. For an Osram Ostar Projection Compact KW CSLNM1.TG, you could swap the R010 with two R025 sense resistors in parallel. This would set the driver at 4.8A theoretical, probably driving the emitter at slightly less effective current (4.5+A), which is a nice figure in practice.

Simon has this suitable ∅17mm 1.5A buck driver in his store; this other would also work (despite being marketed for AA / 14500s, it has the right size).

If you need more power you need to look elsewhere, this or that 2.2A buck drivers for example.

Now that I'm here let me suggest Simon he could list a few CDM brand drivers, namely to cover deficiencies.

hi barkuti, simon says that his 17mm 1.5A isn´t suitable for red led. Due to the red led 2.4V vs the white led 3.0V. With a red led, that driver would transform the voltage difference into heat? Is it reliable for long periods of use on a C8+?

Mmmph, that sounds strange to me. The driver clearly is a buck driver:

It has an inductor and a sense resistor onboard. Besides, valid input voltage is listed as 3 - 8.4 V.

In my experience, a buck driver can usually work fine outputting lower voltages. I once modified a buck driver from Sofirn to output a lower current and drive a red XP-E2 led with it. And it worked. But of course, I haven't tested the above single mode driver.

The sense resistor seems to be the main reference for output current control. This 22mm driver has a resistor R010 and is limited to 6A, but 17mm has the same resistor and is limited to 5A. Is there anything else to regulate the output current?

By Ohm's Law V = I × R, if you calculate it for both driver types you'll get 60mV sense voltage for the bigger diameter ones (∅22 and ∅20mm) and 50mV for the ∅17mm one.

The sense voltage must be set somewhere in the firmware I bet. The actual intricacies of that I don't know.

it should fit ,too
the head is almost the same ,but the thead for middle aluminum tube is different ,and 20mm driver in M21A but 17mm driver in C8+

i’m making a driver sample for red LED
30–100 two modes

Does the 6amp driver really gives 6amp to the led? or are there loses somewhere? (this might be a stupid question):wink:

yes, indeed 6A

Being a linear driver, it will deliver up to 6A. To deliver 6A there must be a minimum voltage difference between input -cell voltage- and output -emitter- because current flow times resistance (the very battery cell, springs, switch, cables and contacts, etc.) causes a voltage drop. So, once battery voltage drops below a certain point, i.e. once it gets close enough to the Vf of the emitter, the driving current will start to drop below 6A, reducing progressively down from there as it happens with “MOSFET direct drive” drivers.

Anyone got the new M21C-U with side switch? I would love to see how the new ramping works.

At present, Chinese buyers mainly feedback two opinions. One is that the reaction speed is not as fast as Anduril, and the other is that the ramping time is a bit long.

got mine today.

The ramping UI is almost like sofirn sp70. I suspect Sofirn made the driver/firmware?

Built is robust and feels good in hand. This light definitely win win over EC03 (horrible tint and biggest regret)

I like this light alot Simon. Good work and please make drivers with same UI for M3 :slight_smile:

Clip from youtube (not mine)

This driver is similar in function to anduril, but the code is rewritten, which is more conducive to compatibility with components.
The charging version of M3 will be launched soon, it applies this ramping program.

Has anyone measured throw (kcd’s) of the M21C-U with xhp-70.2?

did anyone do the w1 or w2 mod in the convoy z1?

Yup! Check the previous page; Nicolicous put a Flat White (W1) in a Z1.

Did anyone did measument? will i get more candella then with c8+ w1?