【convoy】M21H bezel available now

It probably will beat it if you focus it 100% but I dont think anyone has done more extensive mod yet.

That new T2 has finally arrived. Goodbye visible PWM :heart_eyes: The previous version was simply horrible in this regard.

Great , thanks for the video. My vietnamese is “rusty”. How do you personally like the Ramping.?

I think Simon commented that he doesn’t recommend it for throw. Maybe that’s why no measurements,
I assume everyone is getting a Smooth Reflector.
I read in a M21C review thread, that orange peel in combination with XHP702 makes the beam look “nicer”?

I also wonder how Simon’s new Osram White flats would perform in a M21C-U with the 6000mA driver.

The ramping is smooth from 0 to 100% with one blink when reach high same with low.

In comparing with Anduril firmware , ramping from 0% to 50% is similar speed. From 50% to 100% it’s just a touch slower than Anduril.

M21C-U can access Moon mode from off by long press and double click for turbo or single click for off. Andruil is slightly better as you can access moon mode from off and can continue ramping if desire.

M21C-U firmware is very similar to sofirn sp70. I have not seen the code but the user interface is almost like sofirn sp70

In terms of throw it’s similar to Convoy L2 or L6 with smooth reflector. The led in perfectly center and simon has done great job.

Overall I really like this light way better than EC03 in terms of build, tint selection and thermal distribution. The other thing i like about this light is that it run on single battery using boost circuit to power XHP70 with ramping UI. I dont think there is a light on the market have ramping UI like this yet.

I will post some beam shoot this weekend. It’s just hard to find time with 8 months old baby.

do you know when it will be available for sale?

Hello Simon,
Just wanna say hello here.
I’ve bought some Convoy Flashlights at your AliExpress store and I’m very happy with your products :+1:

2020/7/30 M21C-U available now

Convoy M21C-U flashlight, XHP70.2, ramping

That’s a great flashlight. I’m especially interested in the UI.

Wait….the Osram red is 2.4v so can I not use a regular 8*7135? I’ve built two with that driver for 230 lumens and all seems fine, it certainly hasn’t killed it

I’m guessing Mateminco has also used the same driver at 3 volt for their FT03 Mini model using all 5 colors


M3 with USB-C charging? That will be great!

I wanted to buy M3 but ended up buying M4U mainly because of the USB charging feature (currently in shipping, hopefully will arrive in the next few weeks).
Here’s why : I had a BD06 (XML2, 26650) , it has micro-USB charging (with litter adapter attached to the side switch). It’s been very useful, I mainly used it around the house/yard.
It’s very practical for around the house, even more so for traveling, no hassle with external charger.
I took it for traveling out of town a few times and unfortunately I lost/misplaced it. I bought M4U as a replacement for my BD06.

M3 with USB-C charging + M21C-U’s = super awesome. When will it be launched?

I just hope the thermal limit has been increased because the current version steps down at 43°C

Another suggestion Simon, while you are at it, it’s also gonna be awesome to update the S2+ , or make something as a more modern version of S2+ .

S11 seems to have a very beautiful body design style for a tube light .
S2+ has the most practical size for EDC .
Convoy’s new best EDC flashlight = S2+’s size with S11’s body style, with USB-C charging and M21C-U’s UI , XPL HI / SST40 / LH351D ~4500K .

:smiley: :heart_eyes: :sunglasses:

Edit/rewording :
Convoy S11 mini (similar size of S2+) ,
with USB-C charging + M21C-U’s UI.

Basically the driver will create even more heat than your other higher forward voltage builds and be less efficient to boot. It will still work though.

small lights,they are easy to carry,like AA/14500 headlamp with smooth ramping UI sub lumen
would be great

Simon hi what’s up. You’re the man.

That is all.

Well, that’s a relief.

It made me check the datasheet which specifies 3.3A pulse, I’m driving them at 3.15A so hopefully they will be okay or should I bring them down to 2.450 with 7*7135?

I measured

2.8A - 210
3.15A - 240
3.5A - 250
4.2A - 230

Certainly shows Maxtoch claiming 600 lumens is a big overstatement.

I would compare the pulse current of white ones vs what other users tested and use a similar current relative to that since no one has formally tested red.

i will get a driver sample with one 100% mode for red LED in 3days

M3 with Type-c charging is in production now ,the mode is similar to M21C-U

It is necessary to adjust the tail button to the side button to realize the function of M21C-U.
What about this one S21B (S11 21700 version)


I was going to try and mod an S11 to be e-switch but never got to it. Would have also been hard in that there’s not too much room for it, either.