【convoy】M21H bezel available now

S21b is integrated shelf and reverse switch?

Supper excited… i got bunch of 26650 batteries and I cant wait :slight_smile:

also need driver to upgrade my old M3 and de-soldering USB charger… prefer keeping the light more robust water proof :slight_smile:

yes, it’s integrated head (similar to S3) and reverse switch

Any 21700 version is welcome, S21B and i’d dare to say M3 also needs slimer 21700 body

Ooo yeah! I really hoped that Simon would make such a Convoy and it happened! Compact 21700 + XHP50! I’m impatient!
Simon, can you make version S21B (S11 21700 version) + XHP70? XHP70 on a small reflector is a wonderful flood light! Here is a photo for an example:

That would mean 2 different reflector openings...

I have S21A with xhp50 and it’s floody enough with even sliced dome

Yes, I see no difficulty here.

I don’t think Simon wants to use the 3 volt version though?

:+1: :+1: :+1:

I’m really looking forward to this.
Will be a good partner for the M4U.

Simon, can you offer a flashlight with the KW CULPM1.TG BIN1:8RF-fcbB46-B5-6000 ?

I am wondering why does the https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000046041955.html?spm=2114.12010615.8148356.4.72933e78XivqY8 Driver 4 mode only. Usually there is a choice of 12 modes or 4 modes?

I am a bit worried about the naming of Convoy flashlights. It used to be easy. S - small, M - medium, L - large. It seems to me more and more mixed up with each new model. In this case, the S21B seems to be out of place, because its size is similar to the M1/​​M2. It should be called M21B, but it’s already taken.
Likewise for the S12. Larger than M1/M2, and by old standards marked as S - small.

I agree with above.

At least 18650 to be called S, 21700 M and 26650 L

Because E-switch is a necessity for the function/UI of M21C-U, right?
Ok, understood .
so this new S21B has similar function to the S21A ?
(S21A follows the body design of S2+ and S21B follows S11)

This is an entirely different driver so only 4 modes are available.

XHP35 HI requires a boost driver when running only a single cell.

More testing needs to be done still. Djozz is meant to be going to thoroughly test this, not sure how far away this is though.

i’m ready to launch M21C-U with type-c charging

S21B with orange peel reflector for XHP70.2?

3V XHP50.2?

i dont mind S21B with orange peel reflector for XHP70.2 with ramping UI.

love small form light for pocket-able EDC with flood power :slight_smile:

uh ,The main reason is that the market demand is too small.

4040 DTP board and gasket are in production now

Need to know more about range / cd / throw. I miss that for many flashlights in lots of brands stores like Sofirn, Astrolux, Convoy etc. Why do they not understand that this is crucial information?