【convoy】M21H bezel available now

M26D seems too similar to M3-C. It’s just that the head of the M26D is slightly larger.

AMAZING to hear! It will be my first multi xhp light, and it will be avialble in 4000k? awesome!

I prefer 3*GT FC40, which is easier to obtain and lower cost.

yes, 6500K 5000K 4000K ,3000K are all available

I don't own any gt fc lights, but based on what I read I would be very interested in this too! Plus hi cri and better throw!

Convoy has been making a lot of new models lately.
Hmm… how about 3x21700 zoomie with big aspheric lens?
3X21Z or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes...that's why we are discussing Lux-Perpetua UI. Those ramp speeds in infinite and 4mode are terrible.

If you could speed up at least 4mode that would be great since you have problems with infinite mode.

:heart_eyes: :+1: Great news! Really looking forward to it !!

Please make this 12V so that GT-FC40 is also compatible!

Simon. With regard to UI development and rights, I think it’s really time to embrace some of the simple options like Lux-P is offering. This code is fairly refined and shares basic functions with some of BLFs favorite and most popular UIs. It’s simple enough for your products and general customer base, too.

At the very least, using Atmel MCUs and adding flashing pads would allow those more advanced users to be able to customize it for themselves. I personally hesitate and don’t buy any light with a UI that is closed source and not refined like BLF-derived code.

This ^^^^^^^

Hello Simon when will 26800 body tube extension be available for l7?

WOW, that’s a bit more than I thought you would go. Any idea of the wattage you’re looking at? It definitely has the mass and cells to pull it off. Looking forward to seeing the specs on that monster. Thanks!

Yes, agreed to all, but it is beautiful and sometimes the extra weight has a "premium" feel that people like very much. I think S2+ in brass with metal clicky and maybe SST40 with OP reflector...moderate power like 2 amps (7135 x5 or x6 or other driver) would suit it well. Would make very nice holiday gifts. Maybe someday a special small batch for holidays?

You have so many lights now and more coming! It must be hard to keep track of everything. It's a pleasure to see Convoy grow and all new models are much more important than any brass. :)

This idea is very interesting, but what kind of LED is suitable to install? :wink:

What’s that hexagonal Nichia again?

No more goofy square when zoomed. :laughing:

12V is only the typical value. In fact, the voltage of 12V XHP70.2 and FC40 is different.
I did not directly apply the 12V XHP35 HI driver to the FC40 because the actual voltage is different.

SBT90.2 for sure.

Something high cri would be cool, but for 3x21700 it only makes sense for it to be very high power. FC40 wouldn’t be nice in an aspheric with it’s multi-chip setup. Ironically since it was mentioned recently, an MTG2 would be really nice. Too bad there isn’t a modern SBT70 in Hi CRI. Boy that’d be the cats arse!

EDIT: Ohhhh. How about the new XHP50.3 HI? Should be available in many CCTs and CRI values. As always, don’t bother with stocking hiCRI unless it’s below BBL or at least VERY close.

Yes, this is true, but any reasonably good boost driver should be able to adapt to these ~10-15% voltage differences

At least we have a common idea, we want the UI to be simple and not monotonous. Even if there is no flashlight manufacturer to use your UI, at least it is of great reference value. Thank you for your contribution.
If the manufacturer only uses the specified chip, it is actually not conducive to production, especially the current chip is facing scarcity and rising prices, the manufacturer must seek multiple suppliers and consider compatibility and accuracy issues. The manufacturer does not want to disclose the code for commercial protection.
Forgive my stupidity, I went to read your thread, but I haven’t figured out “cycle button LED OFF-LOW-HIGH-BEACON”

I have produced some extension tubes for S11 M3-C. Although it can be installed on L7 L6, the two 26800s in series are still short because of the copper pillars for the positive drive. I will produce extension tubes of suitable size. .