Convoy M3-C - how to change modes?

I just got a Convoy M3C (5000k hi). How to I change it to stepped ramp mode instead of smooth? It came without manual and it doesnt seem to behave according to Anduril 1 chart.

I’m going to use it for cave photogrammetry and need sustained output of ~1500 lumens for the entire battery life (which is possible according to reviews), and I don’t know how to achieve that in its default modes.

Also I would like to do a thermal calibration

I borrowed this from the M3-C product description on Aliexpress

Edit: I replaced the sequence numbers with bullet points to make it clear that these different functions are not related or sequential.

yes, got mine last week, had the same question… per the chart above:

6 fast clicks.

Actually they should ship the lights in stepped mode… for beginners to convoy.


Yep stepped is much better.
Now I just have to find a diffuser which sits directly on lens (I want a ~120 degrees flood, and Convoy diffuser theows too much light backwards

There is no thermo calibration. The M3-C handles heat well though. Mine does not step down in the winter but does in the summer.