I just received a Convoy C8 with Orsam led and a S2 with XPL-HI led.I am amazed with the quality of these lights. Both are flawless. I ordered the orange C8 and purple S2 to add some color to my collection. Light beams are almost perfect. Both lights were under 21 dollars. Dealing with Simon was a pleasure. He added diffusers as a gift.I will definitely be ordering more from the Convoy store on Aliexpress.

Was the light beam a bit off center?

Nope looks centered. It looks good

He’s wonderful.

Your experience is kinda old news.

Great company.

Probably the best budget light company in the world.


Well not old news to me :smiley:

May be old news but those old news are still worth repeating, they’re timeless :disguised_face: Convoy is extraordinary and Simon absolutely rocks!

Yeah, I’m not a fan of Convoy designs (I prefer lightweight and compact flashlights) but I highly respect Simon for the combination of quality and price.
This is indeed an old news…but I think it’s worth repeating this praise. It’s well deserved.

You said “Light beams are almost perfect.” What part is not perfect?

Agreed! It may be “old news” to some of us, but certainly not everyone.
Convoy & Simon are great. :white_check_mark:

I guess you meant Simon, not Hank :wink:

Although Hank is something to respect, too :+1:

Almost a decade old company. Can't go wrong with Convoy.

Brain fart…thanks for spotting, I corrected the original message. :slight_smile:
Yes, Hank is definitely worth respect as well. :wink:

Having been out of the game for a while I’m glad Convoy is still excellent

It would be cool if Convoy used some better UI and stuff but what Convoy lacks is kinda what’s great about their lights. No fancy packaging, onboard charging, proprietary cells,charging systems, cables & instructions. Every cent you spend is well reflected in just the light. Build quality is well above what’s expected in their respective price ranges. Quality emitters, great machining etc. I have $30 convoy lights sitting next to $230 lights & often i pick up the Convoy. The fact the owner communicates directly with members is the ultimate BLF style relationship you can have with any manufacturer.

Maybe we should appoint someone to give him a former interview for BLF. I vote for SB!

Yes I agree the only thing I don’t like about the Convoy is the UI. It is not bad, but it’s not as good as others.

I can only confirm this, i have very good experiences with Simon.

Thank you Simon, keep up the good work!