Convoy Red driver with 12 groups UI (Now Available!)

Update 23/06/22: 12 Groups Driver is now available

Update 1/06/22: 12 Groups Driver is currently in production and should be available within 2 weeks!

Simon is looking into getting the 12 groups firmware onto the Red LED driver for my store, would anyone else have an interest instead of the 20% & 100% modes currently on it?. I sell to hunters for mounting on their rifles and the 20% level is far too dim and the 100% level can be way too intense for under 100m with the C8+, even worse for the longer range L21B. Currently the L21B with red osram can’t be used on anything less than 250-300m otherwise the deer take off.

I had previously asked for the Ramping UI, but I think the 12 groups would be more popular with others. The pro with the Ramping UI is hunters being able to set a custom level and then it’s basically on/off at your set level.

Of course. 12 group would be preferred.

Yes, would love to have the UI matching the other coloured Osram emitters.

It would definitely be a better option. All lights should have the full set.

Yes, 20% or 100% isn’t ideal. I assumed there was some reason for these limitations. Is there not?

I just used the red osram for coyote hunting. My friends liked it so much that we have ordered 3 more. Great light but more mode options would be great.


Yes! I’m in.

Yes, the 12 mode would be great for a red light.

Or you get a 12 group 8x7135 driver and remove a couple of chips.

Works in more than one of my torches

I’d definitely buy a few if they were offered for sale.

Definitely interested. I’d like to build a deep red light with more options than just high and low.

Yes. It's the reason I haven't bought one.

It would good for the CSLNM1 red driver to be consistent in UI with other S2+ 12 group/Biscotti.
Not sure if I would personally justify replacing my existing S2+ with CSLNM1 red though, as I tend to allow the thermal regulation to do its thing anyway.

YES. Please put the 12 group firmware on the driver for red LED’s! Currently I’m using an 8x7135 driver instead of the dedicated red driver just so that I can have the 12 group firmware.

Dumb question, what do you dislike about using the 7135 driver?

The only downside should be slightly less battery runtime due to a lower efficiency and maybe a slightly warmer torch

I was all set to grab a C8+ and S2+ with red emitters, but changed my mind when I saw they only had 20% and 100% output modes.
I would definitely be interested again if they were to come with a 12 group driver.

I’m not sure. I assume that Simon would not make a dedicated red driver unless there was a good reason for it.

Everyone using other than 2.5V driver, your emitter won’t run long.
This post is entirely about 2.5V driver but 12group.

Running normal 3V driver is not recommended.

The 7135 driver limits the current though, you could use a 1V LED with it and it’d be fine.
The voltage (curve) of the LED is current dependant, not vice versa.

Oh ok. You might be right (probably you are). I’m not much into electronics nor i like understand them. Can solder some but that’s it. Why i was so specific about V and A is the fact red emitter needs lower Volts to work correctly. No idea how Nanjg works…