Convoy S11 Triple or Quad Led

Has anyone used this host go build a triple or quad led light? If so, what driver and led setup? Lense? Thanks!

This may be useful!

I am also looking for some more info on this:

Also a good resource. I never got around to building mine and just changed it to 7.2A SST40 /shrug

Are they selling the part? Or do I need to download the file and have someone else make it?

Hey I just ordered 20mm MCPCB with Nichia. Don’t know what to do with it though?

The two quad builds linked above use the 1062x 24mm optic which is the same that the D4 uses.

It looks like the 34mm ledil Angie quad optic used in the D4S is a bit too wide for the S11.

How about the machined spacer and the stuff in the Reddit forum had, is that required?

You do need a spacer of approximately the correct height. You might be in luck because I believe the triple spacer for the S2 (not S2+) from Mtnelectronics should work for the S11 since their reflectors are very close to the same height. 20mm for the S2 and 20.6mm for the S11. The carclo 1050x triple and 1062x quad have the same height so the triple spacer will also have the correct height for the quad optic.

The 3d printed part from the Reddit thread is for the switch. I guess the S11 comes with a forward clicky and the particular reverse clicky switch he chose to replace it required a shim to work.

Related info for the S21A: its reflector is very close to the same height as the S2+ reflector so the S2+ spacer should work to make a triple. The 1062x quad should almost fit in there diameter-wise. That would also be a cool light.

The original S11 was a forward clicky, but if you got one of the second revision ones (blue, or black with sst40), it’s a reverse switch.

I want to do the s11 with a quad if possible. Going for as bright as possible. Was hoping to get a part list.
Would this be the spacer? What led and driver would you recommend? Battery? Thanks!

So I’ll need a shim?

I printed one out, and it just doesn’t feel right. I dunno. I popped it back in my light case and haven’t really bothered since. It’d be nice if Simon would make a direct swap kit (forward-clicky tailswitch for first-gen S11)

I can make several S11 spacers if needed.

Yes I think that spacer should work. Kiriba-ru above also makes a spacer that will fit even better. If you use the S2 spacer the spacer and optic will not be automatically centered so you might have to center it by hand then fix it in place with adhesive.

A 22mm FET driver like this one is what you want.

For the LEDs I might recommend SST20s or XPL HIs.

For the battery Mtnelectronics doesn’t seem to have great 26650s in stock now. I would recommend the liitokala 5000mah, the shockli 5500mah, or the highest performing cell is the aspire 4300mah.

Please om me the price

To get the most output you want LEDs with low Vf. So SST40s would be good but their domes might be too big to fit in the optic. The lumileds luxeon V also has low Vf but again I’m not sure about the dome. A really kickass setup would be 2mm white flats. I had a triple 2mm WF that pulled 19A from an aspire 4300. I modded my emisar D4 with 2 2mm and 2 1mm WFs and it also pulls about 19A and does ~45kcd and approx 3600lumens OTF. Really potent setup.

Link to these?

I just got done building mine. Used the mentioned spacer from mtn and Luxeon V quad from led4power. Perfect daylight tint. Used MYN-DDm driver with Crescendo but I don't like that. Too many gyrations to get the levels I want. Wish he had 'em available with Anduril. Ass kicker though!