Convoy S12 modded for FET

Hey guys.
Apologies on the new thread, but I just spent the past few hours over the past couple days to find any info, but could not find anything.

Anyhow, after building a few lights, loving them initially, but with actual EDC use, I’m slowly going insane since most of the time I am using my S21A XPL2-HD fairly up-close or in confined space (Like working in a car or just lighting up something really small under a magnifier). After some reading and poking around, found that I need something with a great deal more CRI to bring out the detail in what I am lighting up…

Which brings me to this:
Thought about the Nitecore EK4, but that is waaaaaaay to powerful for what I could actually use it for, nevermind pricey.
Still thinking about the Lumintop FW21, but iffy on its heatsinking… (Gonna have to look into this one a bit more)
Then I found the Convoy S12 with the SS20 4K or 5K (I forget which has the 95CRI rating), I love the sinking of the Convoy design, but I care nothing for the stock drivers that Convoy uses for them.
But I adore the MTNElectronics MTN-20ddm drivers.
Can I expect a reasonably good beam quality? Hopefully without that Green Halo that I get out of the XPL2-HD in the S21A?

The S12 has an OK stock driver, though it can certainly be improved with a 20DDM. I have a SST-20 2700k, beam quality is interesting. The reflector setup creates a beam that really just looks like 3 flashlights taped together with a flowery pattern, with an odd hotspot in the middle from the overlap. Certainly messier than what you would get from a carclo based triple. In terms of tint shift and halos, nothing is really discernible but that is very much emitter based.
TL:DR Relatively floody beam that is very usable, but all sorts of bizarre when inspected on a white wall. Not the most even beam in the world, but nice light nonetheless.

My S12 have a 22mm diameter driver.
I also plan to put a FET driver in it.
KD FET + 8x7135 on way.

nice to know! Thanks!

Neat that :slight_smile:
Am planning on the 22ddm driver with mine.

Wonder if I could just use the triple sst20 4K from Kaidomain, since they list it as the 95 CRI version, no idea what Convoy/Simon uses in his stock…

I have an S12 as well. I really like the form factor and the 21700 battery. The beam pattern doesn’t bother me much since I only use it outdoors, and the 95CRI 219Cs are really nice. I just wish it had moore oomph, so this thread will come in useful.

I’d like to get a 22ddm driver for mine, but the rather expensive shipping from MTN to here in the UK is putting me off :frowning:

That KD driver looks interesting but it’s 8A max, apparently - not much more than the stock S12 driver.

I think that it is a typical direct drive FET driver and the +8A is just a rough estimate; it could be greater.

They used to have a 17mm version of the FET+8x7135…

I would recomend Lexel 22mm Bistro/Anduril driver for this beast.
KD drivers which start on Turbo is only for deep forest or SAR folks.

Do you know about the emisar d4sv2?
Pretty great light with very nice round beam high cri and great ui.

I know of it.
But personally, I tend to fancy the KISS Method when it comes to a UI, which is why I adore the MTNElectronics drivers right now, the stepping and the power for my needs damned near perfectly :slight_smile:

Finally got a few hosts from Convoy after a few months waiting >.<

Not really happy with these as hosts.
First, even though I have a 20mm triple SST20, the mounting internally is a joke, no way to easily center it.
Second, the wiring does not go through the center like most triples.
Lastly, I cannot get the bezel screwed in all the way without the reflector going cockeyed.

That said, I’m fairly happy with the quality of the light output, no petal pattern, the color temperature and the high cri really makes a difference.
So I’m gonna play and use this as my EDC at work for a while till my S21A spacers come in.

Oh yeah… With a FET driver, these LEDs work smashingly well! Just gets DAMNED HOT damned fast at full blast! lol

Now looking at the full light that Convoy makes… Kinda wish I picked that up instead of the empty host.
But I don’t know if the SST20 LEDs they use are high CRI… Yet.

a few months ago I put the KD FET+8×7135 driver in my S12, a little over 9A measured at the tail

Confirmed with Convoy that the SST20 2700K, 4000K and the Nichia 219s are all high CRI. :+1:

Kinda what I’d like to do, but with Mountain Electronics FET+7135 drivers, good to know what to expect for current draw!