Convoy S2+ 12group switch replacement

Oh ok. Can you please kindly share what Simon says about the switch?


I too wonder about this. I have a couple of the metal switches, but I took the one I installed out because of the tail standing problem.
I also wonder if anyone know how much current these lighted switches draw.
I have many lights. Often lights sit for long periods where I don’t use them. I just hate to need a light and have a dead battery in it due to a lighted switch.

Of course, my friend!

Blue light current consumption 9.4mA, Orange light current consumption 14mA, When the battery is low and the voltage is 3.0V Blue light current consumption 2.74mA, Orange light current consumption 6.8mA,

Thanks. So it is pretty significant, especially if the light may be stored for a few months. I know, I can always recharge the battery occasionally.
But so many light, so little time…
Maybe I do without the lighted switch. But I am still interested to know if there is a lighted switch that allows tail standing and work with the 12 group driver.

You can use the Convoy lighted switches but, you are going to need a bleeder resistor installed to rid itself of stray voltage. Without it the driver never thinks it is turned off. Half presses on the tail switch cut power then restore power to the driver, changing modes, low, med, high etc. With the lighted switch it will become a one mode light because the driver never knew the power cycled to change modes. If you need a one mode light, it will work just fine.

Turn on memory and choose your mode with the original tail switch. Install the lighted tail switch and there ya go. One mode light. Those switches do suck down the battery pretty quick. I just charge em once a month or so.

I think there is a video or explanation of how and where to install the bleeder resistor here on BLF somewhere. The search bar in the upper left hand corner should help you out.

Also, the Convoy rubber switches do not fit in the metal tail capped lights. I think only the colored ones have the metal switch. I could be wrong of course. Those metal switches used to be pressed in and were almost impossible to remove.

The Convoy S2+ with 519A,R9080,DTP copper plate,ar coated glass lens,5amps 12 groups,18650 flashlight,Torch,orange peel reflector

supports a lighted switch since it uses the

17mm Driver for SST40 ,12groups , max current output 5000mA, Temperature protection management inside

which states: “This 12 groups sst40 driver is compatible with lighted switch.”

I have many of these drivers in flashlights with lighted switches and they function as expected.


Thanks for the info, will look into bleeder resistor installation.

If only the S2+ had built-in charging, the battery drain issue would be manageable. But once a month doesn’t sound too bad.

Can you please share the link for the lighted switches you used? Im guessing the metal ones? Also, did you install bleeder resistors for the 12group drivers?


All those mods are the old drivers.

To my understanding, since late last year, all new 12 groups drivers support lighted switch(both rubber/metal)… I have installed them in my S2+.

Wow that would be great if it supports the switch out of the box. I really want the blue metal button on my gray S2+.

Thanks for the info.

Mine with metal switch works perfect!
No problem.

Can you try to loop the lanyard horizontally instead of vertically to see if the flashlight will tail stand with the metal switch?

Lanyard is not a problem.
Problem is the metal switch that is higher than the tail.
The flashlight is not stable if you use metal switch and standing it on the tail.

Damn that’s kind of disappointing :frowning:

Simon says that they are compatible.

Thanks for letting me know

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Sorry for the late response.

I just install the regular 16mm light switch for convoy S2+ S2 C8 C8+ S21A in my flashlights. All of mine have the silicone (non-metal) switches.

No bleeder resistor is needed for the Convoy SST40 drivers.

BUT, in my experience the stock lighted switches are way too bright so I replace the resistors. I also experiment with creating different colors by mixing the LEDs.

Here’s one of my recent lighted switch mod (mix of orange and warm yellow LEDs) which resulted in a nice golden color: