Convoy S2+ Blue from banggood

i just run in to this
its cheaper then convoy original store at AliExpress here
even without customization…

Nope,just got one and it looks fine to me! Find M4D M4X’s deals thread and get it even cheaper :wink:

Yes, but at Simon’s Aliexpress store you can get it customised the way YOU want it. I have a couple of them in the mail with only modes: Low, Medium, High. NO strobes/Flashies :slight_smile:

Also set the tint you want and how many 7135 chips.

It is more customizable direct from Simon at AliExpress, but it is faster and cheaper to order from BangGood.

I bought the host so I can build it the way I want it.

Me, too. This is what I did with it:

It doesn’t photograph very well, but that’s a 485nm blue XP-E2 in there. I…don’t even really know why I built it. I don’t need it, but I like it :bigsmile:

hmm i just realized i could have customis the mods, all i mentioned to him is i want 8*7135, i dont like strob,
i now wonder if i will need to change the driver if the mod changing group will be too annoying.

“How to change the mode group:
choose the low mode ,wait about 5 seconds ,when you see flashing ,close your flashlight.then open it , you can switch to 3mode group or 5mode group.”

When you get one, take a look at how the driver is mounted —- with a retaining ring, or soldered into the pill, or with the retaining ring soldered in.
Curious minds want to know.

i didnt try to open it yet,
but the solder we see in the pics, is that a retaining ring or the pill?

It’s soldered to the pill without a retaining ring, which is pretty crappy in my opinion. It may have been that the retaining ring may not have been able to fit with the extra 7135s either. I always use fets in those so I prefer retaining rings.

I’ve put those double-sided drivers in an S2+ before. The shelf for the driver isn’t deep enough for them to sit low enough for the retaining ring to thread back on. Gotta solder it.

so if there was a retaining ring, where would it go, on top of the driver?
whay is it better to have a retaining ring?

Yeah, you can still see the threading inside the pill. It would thread down inside there and sandwich the driver onto the shelf below.

There’s nothing wrong with soldering it, by the way. If its soldered well its just as good electrically and physically. Its a pain in the butt, both to mount and to remove, so I also prefer the ring if it works. But if it won’t, don’t sweat it. Solder it well and leave it alone.

ahh i see it now, there is threads inside the pill, i can see 4 threads, so i guess it is deep enough afterall?

Unfortunately its probably not deep enough because of the height of the 7135 chips on the board. There’s no clearance for the ring because those chips wind up underneath it.

Depends on how deep the threads were cut, maybe there’s been some variation in that?
I have 8-chip drivers snug under retaining rings (the ring presses on the 7135 chips, no problem)
but if the threads in the pill weren’t cut deep enough, the retaining ring might not engage properly.

I’ve seen some people got lights with the retaining ring screwed down and soldered.

This is why I prefer to buy hosts (from Mtn, I’ve always gotten retaining rings with them).

I did file out one retaining ring to avoid squeezing down on the 7135s before I decided it wasn’t a problem to do that.
Discussion on that is in the Mtn thread. Works fine, wish someone with a laser cutter would decide to make a batch.
But a simple file works OK, if you don’t mind ugly. Just use a marker to indicate what ought to go away.

The retaining ring hasn’t been screwed down tight in this picture, it went another full turn or more.

If you do that remember to backwards-twist the wires the right number of turns so they untwist as you turn the driver-and-notched-retaining-ring into the threads.

There are threads enough, but you can’t use them. The 7135 chips are placed too far to the outside of the driver board, so the retainer ring is coming on top of them. You can buy a spare retainer ring from Fasttech. I made the aperture of the ring wider using a grinding stone. I used the second stone on the right side to “hollow out” the underside of the ring, leaving the threads unharmed. Now the retainer ring fits over the 7135 chips.

so the reason i didnt got the retaining ring is because i have the 8x7135, if i would order the one sided 7135, would i get the retaining ring?

as far as the retaining ring itself, i still dont get why would you prefer to have it, instead of direct solder to the pill.
i mean, you dont need to backwards-twist the wires, just put the driver inside the pill and solder, sound easyer to me 0:)

one more thing, as i dont want to have the strobe/sos option (i didnt asked simon to customis the mods when ordered) :frowning:
could i swap the original driver with a Qlite ?
will it fit the pill?

I orderd 3 through mad maxs deals,for xmas presents then I orderd 3 hosts to play with great little lights for the
$ dollars

I used this technique on a S2+ I built up a couple of weeks ago with the 8x Qlite. I used a Sharpie to mark where the 7135s would fit and a flat needle file to shave out the inside of the ring. It was a serious pain to complete, but looks nice when it’s done. It also keeps the pill in good shape to allow future driver swaps… Once you get the solder into the threads, it’s a pain to remove and upgrades become much more difficult.