Convoy S2+ Blue from banggood

If you order from actual people — Simon or RMM — and specify that, I’m sure you would.

People have gotten lottery results from orders made through the big China vendors — who may have some third party modifying the stock lights, I dunno.

People here have mentioned getting solder on top of retaining ring or just solder on driver and pill.

I don’t know that they make any distinction about how many chips, they just save a penny by skipping the retaining ring.

Why people like retaining rings — because we like to modify lights.


so you consider modify useing retaining ring easyer then direct pill soldering ?
because from the resistance point of view, i think soldering the driver to the pill will result in less resistance.

I haven’t found a measurable difference, but your measurement may vary — likely because I’m not trying high amps, because I screw the retaining ring down snugly after cleaning everything carefully, and often using a tiny dab of conductive grease, and because the total surface area of contact between retaining ring and driver and pill is quite large compared to a dab or two of solder. And a loose retaining ring is easier to fix than a cracked or cold or fatigued solder join (which some people have gotten right out of the box).

Or perhaps I’m lazy, and I do swap drivers a lot. I’d rather avoid heating a pill and driver enough to remove a good solder connection, especially more than once.