Convoy S2+ burning tape with TIR

Just bored. :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: I need that ability to cut tape with a flashlight! I have tons of scissors but Ill throw them away if I can cut tape that way! Can this only be done with a TIR optic? did you speed up the video or did it cut the tape in that amount of time?

Most leds with direct dd drivers will burn/melt anything that is dark colored because the dark color soaks up the light and heat produced. It can be a reflector based light or a TIR based light.

It works even better with a triple optic because the light is coming from a much smaller point. It doesn’t even need to be a FET driver necessarily, my dual XP-L (under triple optic) can do it at about 3amps total.

Can the blf a6 driver from banggood fit in a Convoy s2+? If so can the Convoy dissipate the heat any good?

I would like to highlight that this is standard S2+ running on 3 AMC7135 and the video is real time. Didn’t even speed up

Maybe with BLF A6 driver you can burn things with stock reflector but I assume the body get scorching hot real fast before the light starts cutting the tape entirely.

combine both TIR and direct drive you can speed things up.

oh and please wear protection. Like 2 sunglasses or some solar eclipse filter. You gotta protect your eyes when you try to focus the beam

This is so good to know because I’ve always worried getting kidnapped and bound with duck tape. Knowing I can use my S2+ to escape sounds much better than my old plan of carrying razor blades between my butt cheeks.


well duct tape would be draining your battery too much to even start to cut.

worse when it’s silver :wink:

With a DD triple you can get plain white paper to burn, it’s quicker if it’s got printing on it but it isn’t necessary.

I have one(S2+) running a tripple nichia 219b, it works perfectly.