Convoy S2+ dump

Ordered six Convoy S2+ lights from Simon last month when I started getting back into lights. Now that I’ve jumped onto the Emisar train and the noteworthy FW3A, it’s time to let these go to a good home.

All have the biscotti firmware, and all were ordered with either 3x or 4x7135s so the driver could be disassembled and modded if need be. I went a little wild with the tints. All lights are in like new condition, with the exception of one chip in the ano of the 219C switch cap (pictured). I shrink-tubed the clips in case I wanted to install to avoid scratches. Only changes I made were writing the light info on the brass driver retaining ring so I could remember when comparing, and swapping SMO reflectors out for either OP or TIR. I have more of all reflectors left over, and can include one if you’d prefer a switch.

PayPal/CONUS only, $4 shipping for each light. If multiples are going to the same address I’ll combine. This should make it roughly equal to Simon’s store prices with 3-4 day shipping within the US.

XPL-HI, 4x7135, $16 ea SOLD

SST, 3x7135, $10 ea SOLD
2700K, 60 degree TIR
4000K, 45 degree TIR

SST, 4x7135, $10 SOLD
4000K, OP

219C, 3x7135 $10 SOLD
4000K, OP

Also have, ALL SOLD
two generic clips
six metal switches
4 OP reflectors
4 SMO reflectors
1 60 degreee TIR SOLD
1 25 degree TIR
1 strip TIR SOLD
1 10 degree TIR (couldn’t get it to focus)

I can provide one of these reflectors/items for each light if the buyer prefers, first come first serve.


I’ll take this one with a SMO please!
SST, 3×7135, $10 ea
2700K, 60 degree TIR

PM Sent

Two SST 3x7135s sold to manithree, thanks!

I received my package today. Items exactly as described, packed well, and shipped quickly. Great doing business with you, clip.

Thanks for the prompt payment, glad you’re happy with the lights!

Don’t even get me started on how much I like these lights. I’ve never purchased drivers from Simon with fewer than 5x7135s, so I was a little worried 3x would be dim. It’s fine. And they hardly even get hot.

Those SST emitters are absolutely beautiful. With the TIR optics, the beam is perfect. Biscotti starts off really low, and no strobe modes. What’s not to like? Until the next major innovation in emitters, batteries or something, the old S2+ upgraded with biscotti and SSTs is still a near-perfect EDC or muggle light IMO.

So, here’s a well-deserved (again, IMO) bump for your lights that haven’t sold yet.

I will take it all!

Received mine today, everything is in great shape. Thanks!

PM replied.

All lights and parts not marked sold are still for up for sale.

Everything sold, thanks BLF!