Convoy S2+ Luminus SST20 vs Nichia 219c beam profile question

Quad E21A has rougly the size of a “normal” led so it fit’s in the S2+ with a 45 o 60dg TIR.
5000K 219C is imo terrible for woodland, it’s coldish and does a bad job at rendering greens and browns, 4000K or even less does this better.

I have the 4000k 219c and the 4000k SST20. The 219c has a bigger and more yellow hotspot. The SST20 is tighter, throws farther and is a little greenish at lower levels. I put DC-Fix on the 219 and it is great now. Great for outdoors, a little more floody and a little less yellow in the center. Decent for short to medium long distance around a campsite and trail.

I plan on getting a filter for the sst20 to lessen the green at the lower levels. I know it will affect the throw some but I think it will be worth it. I hardly noticed the green when I first got it. But when I compared it to some of my other lights, it stood out to me. It’s fixable though. I basically use my lights at 300 lumens or less. Generally around a 100.

I like your last suggestion on getting several different ones and compare. Find what’s right for you. You can keep the others or sell or give away. It won’t break the bank and you will know what you like.

Is the 219C greenish at the low levels? And…what is DC-Fix? :stuck_out_tongue:

No green on mine. Dc-Fix is a window film you can get at many hardware stores to diffuse light. You can get a big roll for not much money or you can get a smaller sheet from a member here for less money. There are many styles. I have it on a few lights to tweak them to my liking. Google it to get a lot more information.

Wow, this DC-Fix looks great!

Anyone knows the CRI R9 value of the 219C 4000K?

Have you got this model number correct?
I cant find any information about this particular LED at all.