Convoy s2 modding help for noob.

Hi. I received a convoy s2 host from fasttech by accident and they did not want it back due of high postage fee. So I got a free host and figured what the hell, I’ll try to mod it. I have only done one mod with spring mod and driver swap so help is needed from the pros. I would like to make this thing insanely bright but dont know what is needed. No need for runtimes, I got stuff for that. Any ideas? Bare in mind that Im a novice so I try to avoid rocket science builds hence I dont have the option to mill stuff myself. :slight_smile: thanks in advance, love this forum.

Two choices:

1. Triple XP-L emitter direct drive: this will give you about 3,200 lumens and a wall of light. You’ll need:
-Triple XP-L 20mm noctigon
-Spacer to fit and raise the MCPCB
-Carclo 20mm 3UP optic
-High drain 18650 cell such as the Samsung 25R.

2. Single XHP50 direct drive: about 2,500 lumens, a bit more throw (maybe?), easier to build, but shorter runtime (due to the battery config). You’ll need:
-XHP50 in 16mm sinkpad
-BLF17DD with zener mod
–2x high drain 18350 such as the efest purple.

I personally would choose the triple XP-L because is it lots of fun to build and even more when you use it at full output! Let me know if you need help with the links of the components.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: I was thinking the 3x xp-l myself but I just dont know how my limited skillset will suffice for it. If you got the links for components for it, I would be most grateful. I have a bunch of high drain cells for my other lights but mainly because of sub-ohm vaping so cells are covered. I live in Finland so components preferably from china.

You need to check if yours is the old type S2 with the removable brass pill, or whether it is the new type with the integrated shelf. This will affect the spacer you need.

Go for the triple. Two 18350s have basically half of the capacity of one 18650. As LSX says, check what spacer you need. You can make spacers for triples yourself with the right size copper washers. Triples have the wires going through the center, so washers work well. You’ll probably have to drill a hole in the pill or shelf of your host though.