Convoy S2+ polished reflector

Is there a polished reflector available for the Convoy S2+?
I would assume a polished reflector would have a longer throw than the orange peal reflector?

.HERE you go.A smooth (SMO) reflector for your S2. Mind you, this short one is for the S2. For a S2 (no plus) you need a longer one. Also available wit the same seller: the original Convoy store.

You can get a bit more throw out of a SMO reflector, but the S2 and S2+ are not really meant to be throwers. But if you have a small emitter, like the XP-L, it’s not too bad.

Not saying its a bad idea to just pick up a single reflector, But you could pick up a “Convoy S2“: with an sst40 while its on sale now or later for just a bit more than the reflector and harvest the reflector from it and also have a host for a future project and spar parts.

Awesome! Thanks for the heads up!

I have both reflectors, the smooth is my go to.

All the S2+ I have seen come stock with the smooth reflector, including the SST20 2700K that I ordered yesterday. I ordered the OP reflector today. Ostensibly, the smooth reflector will throw further, while the orange peel is intended to smooth out beam imperfections. Anecdotally, I find no practical difference in throw between smooth and OP (in other lights, don’t have that S2+ yet), but beam artifacts are definitely reduced with OP. I have wondered how much effect the larger surface area of orange peel has compared to smooth, but I have no answer or even a guess.

I have seen a lot of post about smooth and orange peel reflectors. My S2+ came with smooth and I ordered an OP out of curiosity. Photo on left is SMO, OP on right. I can’t tell much difference, I probably should have taken more pictures, but I expected a noticeable difference. I’m new to this and I’m sure someone has a better comparison but I don’t think I’ll fret over it on my next order.

TLDR: Convoy S2+ with Nichia 219c, 4000k, 7135*6, 35% brightness Left SMO, right OP

edit: I’m having trouble getting image to show up.

Wanted to experiment a bit with UV emitters, so I bought a bunch of red S2+ when they were released. All my other lights were black, and my UV lights were red. A bit of a precaution I think.
Though different bin’s and drivers, they all came with an XM-L2 emitter and orange peel (OP) reflector.