Convoy S2+ tint comparison, now with reflectors

I was looking for some pretty specific tint/driver combinations when getting a Convoy S2+ and couldn’t find any, so the next best thing was to buy a selection and take my own. I’m posting here for future reference if anyone’s in the same boat.

I wanted low power lights in neutral or warm tints, preferably with high CRI, to use as a bedside/midnight run light. More comparisons to come, but this was a quick shot to compare color. These were on 10% level, with white balance set to 4200K.

Left to right: Nichia 219, 4000K, *3; Luminus SST20, 2700K, *3; CREE XPL HI, U64C, *4; CREE XPL HI, T37A, *4.

Is the HI U6-4C greener then the 219C?

I would kind of lean toward the XP-L HI T3-7A for personal use. I like a warmer tint. I have quite a few lights and even though my best/favorite CRI light is a Jaxman E2L with the XP-G2 or G3 (Cant Remember) and it’s closer to a 4500 to 5000K. It really make colors pop.

That Nichia’s beam is looking a tad sickly, but I’ll chalk that up to the camera’s incorrect balance and slight tint variation. Mine is 4000K alright, but as far as my eyesight goes, it’s straight on the black body line ¯\ (ツ) _/¯

Here’s another shot at 3700K WB. Playing with the phone trying to pick the balance that resembles what I see. Also, when I looked at these at 100% the Nichia got some more white with a hint of pink. I’ll get a few more shots tonight, and add in the SST20 4000k.

I took some individual shots but here’s the group.

4200K WB, 100% - SST20 2700K *3, 219C 4000K *3, SST20 4000K *3, SST20 4000K *4, XPL HI U6 4C *4, XPL HI T3 7A *4

Yes, when side by side. In normal use I can’t see much green/yellow tint in the 4C.

Played with different reflector combinations last night and think that the AR glass noticeably affects the beam color on the 219. More shots:

219 4000K vs SST20 4000K, 10%:

219 4000K vs XPL U64C, 10%:

SST20 2700K vs XPL T37A, 10%:

SST20 OP 4000K vs 219 25TIR 4000K, 10%:

219 4000K vs SST20 2700K, 60TIR 10%:

XPL T37A vs SST20 2700K, 60TIR 10%:

The 219C’s tint looks pretty much the same in all the pics to my eyes. Sure, the TIR smooths out the beam and homogenizes any tint shift but its all color that was there before.

It’s definitely not as warm-tinted as some of the 219s I’ve seen. I haven’t been able to use 219As or Bs yet. Might get another one or two to compare tint consistency.

If it’s the stock emitters, they’re XP-G2. I also have the Jaxman E2L with XP-G2 4500K emitters and it has absolutely been my favourite colour temperature and tint so far. They’re a perfectly balanced neutral-warm colour, no tint shift and just slightly rosy. Can’t recommend the Jaxman E2L with XP-G2 4500K enough for people that like neutral-warm tints.

Remembered I had received a Lumintop Tool Ti with a 219(B?) so I got some shots. Convoy’s 219 tint definitely leaves something to be desired if you’re going for the characteristic Nichia pink look. Then again, this is my first 219C and it might just be the B vs C difference.

Convoy 219 4000K with 25TIR vs Tool Ti:

Convoy SST20 4000k with OP reflector vs Tool Ti: