Convoy S2 triple red XP-E driver problem

I Build a triple red XP-E LED with a LD25 driver, wich I get from a new L2.
When I assemble the light work, but after a minute the light turn off, and don’t work. I check the LEDs, and they are ok, but the driver dont work.
Can anyone link to me a driver, which give 3V 4-6A to the LED, and have a strobe mode?

Now, I change the driver to a resistor bridged Uniquefire UF-T20 driver, which burnt the FET and I make a same UF-T20 driver, but I dont run in max (6A) for high periods, just some seconds, and I used silicone cubes for heat transfer between the pill and the FET.

Can someone tell what wrong in the LD25 driver?

Some beamshots:

709meters = 775 yards = 2326 feet

More pictures

I can’t really help with the driver issue, maybe the Vf is too low of the LD25? but nice beamshots :beer:


I think if the Vf is too low, the driver burn the LEDs, but it’s work for some second, and it turnd off forever, but the LEDs alive. I tried the driver after the incident with a single XM-L2 LED, but it didn’t work :frowning:

But correct me, if I write unreal things :slight_smile:

This driver? has a review of it (can’t link for some reason)
Look there for “17mm CC 2600mA LED Driver 2 Group Mode, 3-4.2v, 2.6A, XM-L”

Sorry, but I have to ask. Are you running your triple in series or parallel?

No, this is the newest LD25, which has only one level.

I divided this driver from a New Convoy L2, and I measured 3.5A on high. Only mod on this driver is the spring bypass.

I used parallel connection.

Whoa, really old thread with a user unseen since 3 years ago but … in that picture, did he really make a red triple convoy that can throw over 700 meters or am I seeing things? Is that possible? I’d buy one

I think the claim is not that the throw is 700m, but that the light can be seen from 700m away.

You can look at a skyscraper from 1km away and tell which rooms have the lights on. Those rooms are not illuminating you where you are observing them.

That makes much more sense. Thanks :person_facepalming:

I built this, for a bike rear light, because in this winter we have a lot of night with thick fog.
One night a car almost hit me, in a bike lane on a dyke, where cars prohibited, so I built this light for maximum visibility.

I built a thrower with this LED and a Courui D01 host, but now I use this host for a SST90.2 project, and unfortunately I don’t have beamshots from the red beam thrower, but it easily throw to 550 meters.