Convoy S2+ vs Noctigon KR1 with KW CSLNM1.TG

Interested how they compare, especially using a 18350 tube.

Convoy S2+ has a lot of variants, which produces different beam patterns and brightness.

The most throwy variant would be the SST20 and XPL-Hi LED variant.

But the Noctigon KR1 has a bigger head, plus the Osram NM1 LED produces a very thin and focused beam.

So the KR1 with NM1 has a MUCH MORE throwy beam.

Even if there is a Convoy S2+ with the same Osram NM1 LED, the KR1’s much bigger head size will make it much more throwy too.

If looking for a pocket thrower and don’t mind a pencil-thin beam (less total light output), then the KR1 excels.

With regards to 18350 tube, I think the performance won’t be affected that much if using a high-drain 18350 battery, although capacity of 18350 are much less than 18650.

Beamshots below are on max brightness, using 18650 batteries (I would say using 18350 battery, if they’re full charged), will produce fairly similar result or just a wee bit less bright, but beam pattern should stay the same)

On the following still beamshots, camera setting is manually set to the same setting:
shutter speed: 1/10th second ; ISO 800 ; aperture: f/2.8 ; white-balance: ‘daylight’
(distance of flashlight to opposite wall ~ 18 meters or 60 feet)

Noctigon KR1 (Osram NM1 W1)

Convoy S2+ (XPL-Hi ‘4C’, 7135x8)

Convoy S2+ (SST20 4000k, 7135x8)

Convoy S2+ (SST40 6500k, 5Amp driver)

Not sure they are comparable at all really. The S2+ has a tiny shallow reflector and will never be a thrower. You might make it a “throwy” tube light. But that’s about it.

The KR1 on the other hand has a much bigger and deeper reflector. Physically it is a much bigger light.

Personally not convinced on running an 18350. It won’t handle the amps anywhere near as well and total capacity will only be 1/3rd or 1/4th of a good 18650.

I also personally think the W2 is the better LED in the KR1. A lot more lumens. Bigger beam and not really much less throw. 100,000cd vs 110,000 according to the Intl Outdoor website.

When testing my KR1 with the W2 I get between 94,000 and 98,000cd and just over 1200 lumens at start up.

By comparison I put a W1 LED and Convoy 5 amp driver in an old Convoy C8. Much larger reflector than the KR1. Although it is an OP reflector. I get 93,000cd and 555 lumens. Which really goes to show how perfectly setup the KR1.

I’m terms of tube lights. I don’t have an Osram one. I do have a de-dome XP-G2 in a Convoy S4. The S4 has a much deeper reflector than the S2+. It makes 14,000cd with 548lm OTF. The W1 should make more cd, but probably less lumens and a less useful beam. I struggle to believe it would make more than 20,000cd.

My most throwy S2+ currently is an XP-L HI with TIR optic and stock Convoy 2.8 amp driver at only 8200cd and 834 lm OTF. I’d be amazed if a W1 S2+ would even match the Convoy S4 above for throw.

You can see the size difference here, red S2+ at the bottom and blue KR1. :slight_smile: