Convoy S21A LMP LML2AW.DC 4000K 1500 lm

Hello everyone. Here’s my review on Convoy S21A with a new LED LML2AW.DC 4000K 1500 lm & Comparison with S21B SST40 5000K OP and S21B XHP50.2 5700K OP.
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I got one of these as well, the beam improves slightly with an OP reflector but the angular tint shift might be a record holder.

From 0.0073 to -0.0074 and 3800k to 4400k.

At least it is bright, though it doesn’t throw that well.

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What about the CRI on these? I’m curious about the 3000k as well.

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Hello sir. Some people say about 70 sir. I am still trying to find more information about it. Thanks for watching and your support sir :blush:. Please subscribe to my channel :pray:.

Average is around 72, but the hotspot is lower and spill higher. Not very good, even old XM-L2 might be a better emitter.

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Hello sir. In my opinion it’s good for me. It’s very bright. I use it on my motorcycle when I go out to make flashlight reviews. It works well on wet asphalt road. I don’t always need high cri led but I need the led that has a powerful warm tint. This one works well for me sir. Now I am waiting for the 3000k version. Thanks for watching and sharing your experience sir. Please subscribe to my channel :blush::pray:.

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It says 95 cri sir.

Xml2 and sft40. They have different beam profile sir. Thanks for watching and your support sir :blush::pray:.