Convoy S21A - which emitter?

Looking on the Convoy store and wondering whether to buy the pre-made one with the Nichia 519A emitter or buy the host and choose another emitter and driver to go in it. Any suggestions?

Unless you have a pile of parts at home to use it’s usually cheaper just to buy the light with the driver/emitter you want. I’ve done that a lot even when I have the parts already just so that I’ll add another driver and emitter/board to the pile for later use or repair.

Are you looking for a particular beam shape/output or something?

Not really I just wondered. Is the 519A good?

The S21A with the 519A 4500K is warm and pleasant to use without being too yellow, at least to me.

I also have an S21A with the B35AM 4500K, and I really like that one. Its beam is slightly whiter-looking than the 519A’s to me (despite them both being labeled 4500K.)

Can’t go wrong with either IMO…just make sure you get the color temp you want if you go 519A, as it’s available in several different ones.

I’ve only got a couple so I’m newer to this Nichia than many others (it’s a fairly new release anyway). They’re quite nice. I liked the ones I got in lights enough that I bought several bare emitters to have in the box and will likely install at least a couple of those in other lights. Basically it’s got enough output like the Samsung LH351D but a bit nicer tint and temp selection. The LH351D can also be really nice in the right bins but for whatever reason that seems to have become hit and miss and many people talk poorly about it these days…it’s still a great emitter. So this Nichia came really close to the best of both worlds and it gave Nichia fans the ability to run higher current where the old favorite 219B could not (and the successor 219C just doesn’t have the nice tint bins). My opinion, but I don’t think it’s SO awesome that I want it in all my lights, but it’s really nice. And it uses the same common 3535 footprint, which makes all the modding stuff easy.

btw, I haven’t looked them up on the datasheet but people say that Hank (Int’l Outdoors) is stocking nicer binned 519A than what Simon has been getting. Better meaning the actual tint (within the temp category) and also lower forward voltage (slightly more efficient). Simon usually goes middle of the road or a little better when he picks bins but he always gets pretty decent ones. Small differences really (sometimes more on paper than to the eye). So if you wanted to get the S21 with something else in it (or the host) and buy bare 519As from Hank…might be a tad nicer but it would cost more overall I think (shipping).