convoy s21b - what emitter?

From what I’ve been reading I really like the way the switch works on this (if I understand correctly). I also like the simplicity of this light (no charging port), and the compact size for throw. I’ve read here on blf that this light with the CULPM1.TG led “”starts malfunctioning at 3.5V”:”. There also appears to be some alignment issues on some samples with that led. I was wondering which would be the best led for throw and low heat. I’m not interested in turbo mode. The options appear to be SST40, SFT40, XHP50.2, B35AM and 519A. I seem to prefer the cooler end of the light spectrum and not too phased by cri - probably due to my current ignorance O:)

You want the best throw, and you like cooler white? Get the SFT40 for sure.

I’d recommend the 519A in almost all cases, but it’s not a throw monster like the SFT40.

Too easy - thanks. I know it is a well liked emitter, just not how it compared to the others as a thrower.

I like the SFT40 for throw, or the XHP50.2 for maximum lumens.

If you want even more lumens, look for a flashlight with an XHP70.

If you want throw. Don’t get a multi emitter setup. A single LED in the same size host would be much more throwy. Heat is also usually an issue with multi emitter setups (depends on driver).

I’m not sure if the host is the same. But the S12 and S16 look very similar. I think the S16 is a single emitter setup. Or take a look at the M1 or M2. Reckon they are probably a similar size but likely more throwy.

However, the same rules apply for throw. Be it in a TIR optic or a reflector. Usually a smaller LED will offer more throw, but often less lumens. Emitters without a dome are also more throwy than those with.