【convoy】S21E 519A Anduril 1.0 available now

I have used a 219c in an S2+ for a few years now at 2,8A.
It gives a very nice beam, but after a couple of minutes, it gets hot though.

Any chance for a stainless steel L6 bezel Simon?

And a lighted sideswitch as a spare part?

No problem with production of the bezel, i just think few people demands it.

i had driver with lighted side switch before,

I have those gaskets. Thanks :slight_smile:

Great to see you on BLF Simon!

Nice you started offering high-cri convoys. However most producers seem to implement the SST-20 or LH351D high-cri leds instead of the somewhat oldish 219C.
Imho the OP reflector should be by default in the S2+ instead of the SMO since the S2+ is an allrounder/EDC light, not a thrower.

Please consider using the well regarded and desired XPL HI 5D or 5A with a nice tint instead of the ugly and yellow XPL HI U6-4C.
Emisar sells the 5D with great success.

The SMO is quite new, all my S2+ lights came with the OP standard (except the clear anodized XPL hi version)

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Please Simon build a 21700 C8 with sst-40

Maybe we should open a new thread with requests, to see what people like.
On this way Simon can see what might be a succesful lights.

We all love convoy, since it it is proven quality an its mod-ability friendlyness, with a bunch of spare parts to change the light to our wishes.

I would like for example a single cell light like a Emisar D4 from convoy, with Narsil UI but with a smooth Stainless steel bezel (like the Jaxman E2L.)

It would be nice to have the option for multi or single emitter with optics or reflector (like Emisar has multiple choices)
Or something like a XHP50 on a single cell from Convoy with a new sleek design.

Regards Pieter

Hey Simon, any plans for making some new lights next year with 21700/26650 format ? thanks.

For XP-L HI 5A/5D, I would like to mention this Cree code:
This is just one bin lower than the 70/75 CRI options of the same CCT, 5A/5D with this 80 CRI option could be nice.

For XP-L HI 3D/4A, I think, one of these codes would be the best:
This is a bit better with 75 CRI - the 70 CRI options are of the same performance bin, so this could be a nice option.

With these two options above, 3A/3B and 4C tints could be replaced.

Speaking about new flashlights, I think, a single (or double serial) 21700 flashlight with d = 22mm driver would be nice.

He launched a video with the design of a C8 with a 21700 battery :wink:

Ah, good to see that :slight_smile: I could even imagine an optional interchangeable head for it with an L2 sized reflector.

Thanks,i will consider to use SST20 or LH351D ,too
S2+ is not a thrower even installing SMO reflector,but the OP reflector can make the light spot even.
5D and 5A is a little redish ,i will try them

what about this

i’m ready to launch an new model ,single cell ,XHP50.2
it seems not meet your requirement,I can refer to your request and design an flashlight with side switch and stainless steel bezel and type-C port,
what battery are you ready to use?

Yes! with Narsil.

I would like it w/50.2 or SST 40, 21700 and Narsil

any link or information about Narsil?
i dont know this firmware

I don’t have any 21700 cells, but i can Imagine those cells will be good available in a short time.

For now i would be happy with 18650.

Usb recharching is not a must, but a nice to have, i can Imagine people find it useful. Personally, i’d like to change cells myself.

As you can read in all above reactions, people love lights with an electronic sideswitch and Narsil firmware.

For more info about Narsil please ask Tom E or Toykeeper (both respected BLF members)
They will be more then happy to help you if you ask them.

Nice light Simon!