【convoy】S21E 519A Anduril 1.0 available now

I don’t remember if it was posted before and it’s difficult to search on my phone - is it possible to get that flat-top adapter for the 4X18A by itself? Would be hugely helpful and far better than me trying to solder little copper things onto batteries.

Hope all is well over there.

+1 on that! Id like to buy a few of those plate adapters as well.

Would be super helpful for other lights like the BLF Q8 :wink:

Cheers, was having trouble looking through :frowning:

I’ll make it work on other lights!

it’s in stock now ,
if you need it ,you can order the 4mode version ,and note “biscotti” in the remarks

Great news! I was waiting for this! :+1:

Just curious. Will copper pills be finally made for aluminum hosts? Simon mentioned a run was to be produced long ago, but looks like the thing got frozen. :???:

There are more than enough enthusiasts around here to guarantee sales of a nice batch of copper pills for alu hosts/flashlights, in my honest opinion.

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Will this one have Biscotti? 17mm Driver US $5.78 | 17mm / 22mm driver for luminus sst40 LED 淘宝网 - 淘!我喜欢

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I have this driver and the firmware isn’t bad, just clunky abs needs improvement. Otherwise it’s a great driver.

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What MCU is on those CC drivers that’s allowing biscotti?

Oh, yes, i even used it on my Q8, it fits exactly !

This is great news, I definitely need such an adapter for my Q8!

Me too!

I would need 4pcs.

Simon, you said Biscotti is available for the ∅17mm SST-40 linear driver. I guess Biscotti can also be ordered for the ∅20mm SST-40 linear and the ∅22mm SST-40 linear drivers as they use the same microcontroller. Can you confirm? Thanks.

What about the planned copper pills for alu S2+ flashlights? They will sell, for sure.