【convoy】S21E 519A Anduril 1.0 available now

Temp control is always a good option. It’s better to have and don’t need than don’t have and need. Useful in small hosts. Maybe I would like to use this drivers for the s2? Not necessarily with osram. C8 with a green osram from Simon (2.8A) is hard to hold after 15 minutes.

Sweet Jesus, 9 clicks for SOS? 20 for thumb excercise...?

I guess i’ll stick to the whitey then LOOOL

That would be excellent!

I meant … —- …

Manual SOS, duh :slight_smile:


I better stick to the beers, outgunned totally.

BTW have you seen post about new gen S2+ that have changed threads?

Cannot find it now but guys are complaining that 18350 tubes cannot be installed on other S2+ tailes and heads...

^ thread in question

Thanks for your info.
Every S2+ owner (especially one who owns old S2+ and has plans to purchase new S2) should read that thread about S2’s threads .
Hopefully Simon will have some explanations here.
I love LEGO’ing my S2+ , so this situation is kind of unfortunate, it’ll be good to have clear information from Simon, which production batch has new threads and whether any further changes on the latest batch …

perfect. cant wait to get one :slight_smile:

I don’t have any plans to get anymore S2+s so I’m fine, but I know it will affect others.

Although I do plan on getting a brass 18350 tube :wink:

yes ,2.5A

yes, temp control inside by default

Hi Simon,

1- Any news or plans regarding the new L21A with CULPM1.TG & 8A driver? ,

2- What was your thoughts since the last experiment? were you satisfied with it, or need to enhance it ?

3- Have you done more experiments with it after the one you told us about ? if so, what was the outcome ?

any ETA ?

Are there any plans for a 4x Nichia E21A flashlight from Convoy?

1.driver is in production now
2.uh ,what experiment?do you mena L21A with KW CULPM1.TG? it can reach 1190meters.I am satisfied with this range.

Okey, Nice,

When are you going to list it on your store ?

Hey Simon, or anyone who can answer - does the 5A SST-40 driver have LVP as well?

I’m assuming it does but there’s no mention of it on the product page.

After around two weeks.

Yes.This is a standard function. I ignored it when I wrote the description. This is my mistake.

The grey ones really suck, can’t recognize which one is new or old batch.
The color ones are still old batch I think,

The old thread is a trapezoidal thread, the new thread is a rectangular thread,