【convoy】S21E 519A Anduril 1.0 available now

1.driver is in production now
2.uh ,what experiment?do you mena L21A with KW CULPM1.TG? it can reach 1190meters.I am satisfied with this range.

Okey, Nice,

When are you going to list it on your store ?

Hey Simon, or anyone who can answer - does the 5A SST-40 driver have LVP as well?

I’m assuming it does but there’s no mention of it on the product page.

After around two weeks.

Yes.This is a standard function. I ignored it when I wrote the description. This is my mistake.

The grey ones really suck, can’t recognize which one is new or old batch.
The color ones are still old batch I think,

The old thread is a trapezoidal thread, the new thread is a rectangular thread,

New driver spring of S21A is ridiculous high.
No chance to use flashlight with 21700.
Even flat top18650 is 1mm over tube.

Simon, there is a growing selection of drivers and LEDs in your store. Could you divide the “LED, Driver” subcategory into two separate ones? “LED” and “Drivers” separately. It’s getting harder and harder to find anything.

Spring is fine, bypassed. And damping is perfect in case of drop there won’t be mode change. I have Molicel P42A and it works great

New one doesn’t have bypass.
For me S12 has perfect size battery tube for 21700. S21A is short.

If it’s not bypassed it means Simon built it with phosphorous bronze spring, not regular bypassed IMO

Okay, I have re-completed the grouping,
However, the page display is somewhat delayed,

probably the latest type.

Below I pictured some revisions of S2+ SST40 4-mode driver.

  • top pic shows the earlier SST40 4-mode driver (softer spring with spring-bypass wire pre-installed) ; driver spring is "triangle" shape. ; tailcap current measures (to verify again... something like 4.5+ Amps I think)
  • middle pic shows a fairly recent SST40 4-mode driver (a bit stiffer spring, not factory bypassed) ; driver spring is "cylindrical" shape ; tailcap current measures around 4.45 Amps
  • bottom pic shows a new SST40 4-mode driver (even stiffer spring, not factory bypassed), driver spring is sort of "trapezoid" shape, tailcap current measures around 4.8 Amps

bottom pic also shows the new S2+ body screw thread -- it will not "lego" with the 2 top S2+ body tubes. (the earlier shade of grey is also slightly diffferent (earlier S2+ gray is like a shade of bluish-gray, compared to slightly darker grey in newer S2+)

How much interest would Simon need to get this High CRI emitter in a M21C, M26C and M21C-U with Ramping?

Seem that spring on bottom pic have larger basis and driver bigger positive area than spring on middle S2+.
Their heigh is same?

I see a new M21C in Simon’s store

M21C CSLPM1.TG 6500K

Are there any measurements available?

Battery is standard 21700 flat top Samsung 40T.
This is not normal. I think, battery should be equal with tube.
Now S21A is perfect for 18650 battery.

I should be able to directly purchase this model of LED from this company

2meters 44000lux
839meters range