【convoy】S21E 519A Anduril 1.0 available now

The White Flat above seems to be a CULPM1.TG (4040 2mm²), doesn't it?

Addiction problems maybe?

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Hello Simon,

I did look at the new Convoy Z1 zoomable flashlight, and it looks very appealing. The only thing which holds me back from it, that it is not available with high CRI emitter, just with a “standard”, between 65-70 CRI SST40. Could you offer Z1 with LH351D as well? LH351D has a nice, almost round light emitter surface, because of the dome of the emitter as well, so it should definitely worth it. (Not as big output as SST-40, but should handle 5A current without problems.)

Yes, you are right.

@ Simon

Can you make bigger lighted switch for high output hosts like S21B, M21C etc?

The one in S21A (lighted as on S2+, C8...) is different than on S21B (non lighted).

Also, threads are different on A and B...

i can use adapters to apply 17mm 5A driver

ok ,i will produce 20mm lighted switches

Have you seen this thread

Yeap but those are S2+ topics. This is bigger brother in question.

I was hoping to mix and match S21 family but not likely. :(

I was thinking maybe square threads are used on hosts which use pill and trapezoid where integrated shelf is instead of pill...(?)

If you swap the reflectors between them, how much will that affect the beam shape?

I like your 351D-S21A’s beam shape, but I’m tempted by the power of your CULPM1.TG-S21B (somehow I assume CULPM1.TG is much more powerful than 351D).

Will the OP reflector make the CULPM1.TG-S21B much less throwy and more floody?

I’ve noticed something seems rather strange (unique?) here.

Now in this thread I have first post on three-pages-in-a-row. Page 117, 118, and now 119.
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Just received my S21B and (S2+ Sst40 5000k) 2 days ago. Here’s a quick review.

I love the S21B. Gonna buy another in grey.

Here’s a pic of the S2+ with orange lighted switch (S21B on low beam):

Did someone try 10 degree TIR optic for S2+ SST40 and does it throw more than reflector?

Unlikely, at least as far as TIR optics are built the same way as the bunch I've tried. On the one hand they do not recoup or redirect the radiation emitted at widest angles, closest to parallel with the MCPCB, or close to 90° with the normal vector of the emitter die. At those angles the emitted radiation is quite a bit:

As you can see in the above graph (it is the same or quite close for all led emitters), radiation between (let's say) 60° and 90° is relatively small… but don't get fooled: you must think tridimensionally as the led is. If you imagine a “half sphere” emitting light, now you can see that the area covered by these lower angles is a lot, if only the relative emission is less because you need to multiply that by the relative luminous intensity at those angles. But still, it is quite a bit of light which reflectors make use of, and TIR lenses… right now I think the cheap types don't, or to a lesser extent if anything. Or maybe I am wrong in this and it just is because of their angle. To really be comparable to a reflector throw wise, we'd need ultra tight angle TIR lenses. A 5°/10° TIR makes a incredibly big spot compared to any big throwy reflector, we need 2°/4° or 1°/2° TIR lenses to start speaking seriously. In any case, you get the idea: we need bigger and tighter angle TIR lenses.

Can you please compare if the reflectors of both lights are thr same size?

I’m thinking of making a quad SST20 or LH351D using S21x as a host , and there is a thread of a guy on Reddit making one using S21A. If the size of the reflectors is the same then I might go for S21B. Is S21B a bit heavy? Thicker shell? From the picture, it looks a bit wider.

They are the same size. I asked just a few posts earlier :+1:

Thank you very much.

Convoy L2 host question: can its long tube be “halved” or unscrew divided into two shorter pieces, and remove one of them to be able to make it shorter and single cell powered?

Yes, all L2s are 1 or 2s.
You can use this piece to make a 3s L6 withFX-30 driver from KD

It’s 1-cell but with an extension tube, so yeh.

I always used mine as a 1-cell.

What kind of modes this driver have? The 4 modes 0.1–3–30–100 would fit my needs the best.