【convoy】S21E 519A Anduril 1.0 available now

i guess we were disccusing this for all community and users not just your "select" customers of hunters !, and i guess one additional mode is just a click away

Yes, I followed the conversation. I understand the benefits of running lower current for longer runtimes, but I guess I just don’t get the point of limiting a high current driver to 70% only rather than just selecting a lower current driver. If you want less than 8 amps, you could use a 6 amp driver. If you want less than that, you could use a 5 amp or 3 amp driver. Simon offers all of these in his shop. I would just select a suitable driver for my application.

I guess as long as no other modes have to be removed to make room for a 70% only mode, it makes no difference to me. More options are always better.

So you are suggesting instead of the manufacturer adds another group or 2 to his "12 groups" driver which already have 12 groups in the firmware and make it easy for everyone, your suggestion is getting a flash light, then buy a separate driver then buy a soldering kit and modify the flshlight yourself !?

and besides that, lets take a look at the current available groupes :


I’m sure Simon will install whichever driver you’d like with a suitable emitter at time of purchase. All you have to do is ask.

Again, I’m all for adding more modegroups if possible. I just don’t want to see another (frankly more useful) modegroup be deleted in place of a 70% only mode, that’s all.

I’m familiar with the mode groups. What are you indicating with the red boxes?

Wanted to know your openion if you see having doublicated reversed modes is more useful than having additonal modes in middle!

I don’t personally use them but I see their function for folks that want a light for “tactical” use. In those cases, having the light come on at maximum brightness is preferable to having to tap several times to step up.

I’ve built lights for friends using mode group 11 (100, 20, strobe) as they wanted a “tactical” duty/carry light.

Some other drivers implement this better by having an option to simply reverse any of the available mode groups.

The most important mode for me is one that runs roughly where the temperature sensor stabilises the output, which typically seems to be in the 30-40% range on most Convoy lights. Oh, and a constant frequency strobe (such as 10Hz).

I hope that Simon will be able to add these two modes without removing any existing modes?

The 12 modes driver will essentially then become a 14 modes driver. I think we must keep in mind that the 12 modes driver is used with a wide variety of flashlights and some of the modes will be more suitable for certain types of flashlights than other such as flooder vs thrower. Some of the flashlights are used for biking others walking a dog, edc or hunting. The driver mode should suit the application.

The two suggested modes should be a useful addition for throwers for hunting and searching.

Maybe Simon can add a 10,40,70,100 mode as well? Options are always good :slight_smile: that’s why we have so many flashlights right?

The two reflectors are similar in size,The appearance of S16 will be a little better,

Actually I am listening to all of you, and I hope to see more ideas so that I can improve the UI in one go

Thank you for your birthday wishes. Actually today is not my birthday. My birthday is calculated based on the lunar calendar. :smiley:

Interesting. Plastic-to-plastic mine measures 78mm but of course that's without the contacts and not where a battery can actually fit. I've had mine for about three years I think, maybe they changed the housing at some point.

I believe they did make them longer at some point as my older C8 is not as long as this relatively new C4-12 I have. The difference in length made me stop using the C8 for 21700 cells…. also the C4-12 is just faster. :smiley:

I need to locate my calipers and try to get a more accurate measurement. It is sort of tricky to hold the tab and my little tape measure at the same time.


Please respond to this with your thoughts.

It obvious to see that the number of mode groups can easily get out of hand. Right now, you have two sub-menus. First the mode groups, then mode memory. If you added a third for mode order, then these additional output groups combinations could be doubled (almost) with the same number of slots. Possibly a fourth for the blinking modes. In the end, what we’ve essentially recreated is the old “STAR” firmware of the old days in software form.

So to summarize.

First buzz = output % combos
Second buzz = mode memory
Third buzz = mode order (L>H or H>L)
Fourth buzz = blinking modes on or off

For output modes, I think it’s a very good idea to add groups that top out at say 70%. This allows us to swap say from a PM1 to an NM1 and use the same driver but just change the group setting. Very economical.

For output sets, making an 8A driver have a 6A, 4.5A, and 3A max covers a lot of emitters sweet spots. So that would mean 75, 55, and 40% roughly. Your existing levels of 50% and 35% are close enough, and 70 or 75 is the range that makes sense.

Lastly, I’m going to lobby for the light painters out there and ask PLEASE for the strobe to be set to a fixed frequency. I don’t know of anyone who has a serious use for variable frequency strobe, it’s a total gimmick.

The mode order toggle is what Toykeeper did with the Bistro firmware on the X6 driver. It’s a good idea.

Yes, the alternating/two frequency strobe in Biscotti/12 Group user interface has probably lost Convoy hundreds of sales of lights to light painters. There are currently no decent budget flashlights with memorised constant/single frequency strobe.

I think more sub-menus is a good way to get more customizability.

I think what this discussion has showed is that for uses that have the light on for long periods of time, like hunting, searching, biking, or running, more precise control of the brightness and runtime is desired. This is so the user can achieve the right compromise between brightness, runtime, and heat, and that compromise will be different for different uses. This is why that level of customizability is important. But few lights have that level of customizability in the UI.

Adding even one more sub-menu for selection of the “100%” mode would give it that customizability. It would essentially be like changing the sense resistor but doing it through the UI. All of the ratios of the mode groups would stay the same, but you could change the max mode using this sub-menu.

Hello simon any update on 26800 tube for l7?

Id like to know when these plan to be available as well.

Thank you Simon

Miboxer C4-12 v2 (2-button upgraded version)

from positive metal pole to plastic ~80.6mm

from positive pole to the negative metal slider ~77.0mm (approximate, difficult to measure properly)

I suppose it may be possible to cut out the bottom plastic to make room? (I’m no modder though…)