【convoy】S21E 519A Anduril 1.0 available now

Hi Simon,
Few hours ago i received my new C8+ CSLNM1 and M21A CULPM1, unfortunately the M21A LED is not centered correctly

It doesn’t look bad. Those leds are extremely tricky to center perfectly. If you’re bothered, you could try to glue the gasket.

The 4040 gasket isn’t that 4040, seems like 4141 nor even 4242. You could try 3535 gasket and make it a little bit bigger until the Led fit.

Is there any updated or more accurate info on this emitter becoming available?

Sft40 options are back in the store btw.

There is currently no relevant specific information

Does the GT-FC40 in M21C have good throw and beam rendition?

Also, can all Convoy L6’s be run on 2 x 26350s in shorty mode?

Oh yes...

Yes, I have one :)

Yes, there are a couple of real world photos in my review - see link in my signature. The light is half way between being floody and throwy.

Simon, did I see you are working on a larger cutout reflector for the M21B?

I just received my S11 GT FC-40, and love it. I would like it even more in a single 21700 host like the M21B though!

I had a similar problem on another convoy light with osram. IMHO that light you have is capable of 1000m throw. Shining it on a wall just 10 feet away with produce artifacts from the lobes. When I took mine outdoors, The distortion all went away or was impossible to detect. Again, IMHO there is nothing wrong with your light. The Osram led is less forgiving than say an XHP70.2.

M21B reflector for XHP70.2 and FC40 is in production

I wish that was also available in S16. This is on the wishlist for my next order… :heart_eyes:

S16 or M21B with SFT-40 5000K/6500K (8A constant current driver)

S16 or M21B with FC40 3000K/4500K

S16 or M21B with XHP70.2 4000K

… plus some more of your great flat top adapters for 3X21A and 4X18A.

Received the 3X21A SFT-40 model today from Simon - Thanks! Posted some first impressions here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/67266

L6 can not work with 26650 without additional 5mm magnet spacer.
Can Convoy make any flashlight without bug, or you get what you pay for?

I think you should have more respect for one of the few people who has always cared about our community.
Simon does not deserve a comment like this.

Simon, are you planning a S21B with GT-FC40?

This was asked a few pages back: