【convoy】S21E XHP50.3 HI available now

Simon, glad to hear you will have quad emitter version of the S21A. However, please consider revising the tube size to accomodate the Lishen LR2170SF. It is currently the BEST high capacity 21700 on the market according to Mooch. Mooch and HKJ are the most renowned battery testers in the world. I bought a bunch of the Lishen LR2170SF and I measured actual capacity to be at 47xx to 48xx mah. I measured the Samsung 50E and LG M50 at 4,9xx mah but the Lishen LR2170SF makes significantly higher output in a flashlight due to its higher current rating.

Here is the link to Mooch’s test of the LR2170SF

Not everyone want to carry a larger 21700 flashlight without the benefit of the extended runtime by using a 18650 in it, and also not everyone want to carry a 21700 flashlight, hence the success of the Emisar D4 (18650 quad) and Lumintop FW3A (18650 triple). A lot of people modified your S2+ with triple Carclo despite its narrow front opening covering a part of the reflectors that is cutting a part of the brightness.

I already posted several messages explaining my point for a quad 18650/18350, I will not go for another round. You’re the captain of your own Convoy boat but your are missing an opportunity by only making new host for 21700 battery.

But Convoy have so many 18650 already and no 21700 until now. I already own a dozen Convoy 18650 lights and there are a ton of 18650 lights already on the market. The number of 18650 lights available compared to 21700 is probably more than 100:1 so I’m glad Convoy has been listening to our suggestions and we are finally starting to get more 21700 options to choose from.

SKV89, I didn’t say that Simon must not make new 21700 flashlights, I was suggesting not to make new 21700 hosts only. There is no 18650/18350 Carclo quad host anywhere, if he doesn’t want to make one, I will not force him to make it. Missing this opportunity since so long is his own business.

The 21700 lights are very similar to their 18650 and 26650 counterparts. He’s filling a growing gap in the market. If you want the 18650 Convoy host, it’s still there. It’s not like there has been a 21700 Convoy host yet that’s miles apart from the existing hosts.

I’m sure if Simon designs a dedicated 21700 quad/triple he will launch an 18650 version as well down the line.

Keep the 21700 goodness rolling Simon!

S2+ host can easily be modded to a triple. I have half a dozen S2+ triples already. You can buy the copper pills from Kiriba-Ru or Hoop for a reasonable price and they are very easy to use especially the Hoop ones with the screws, which I haven’t tried yet. This is the reason why not many people care about an 18650 triple. You can also buy the Jaxman E2L that comes with Carclo triple and I have seen people mod that one.

I’m hoping Convoy or Kiriba-ru or Hoop will make copper pills (not brass pills) for quad carclo in the S21A. That will be the first 21700 host for Carclo multi emitters.

Thank you! Looking forward to that

@SKV89, i’m using triple since 2011 or 2012, it’s not new to me but thank you for your suggestions :wink:
I was talking about a quad 18650/18350, if you know a budget one designed for carclo quad, let me know, will buy 6 to 10 of them right away.

Carclo quad and 18650 batteries are available since long but unfortunately a budget host to accomodate both still doesn’t exist. Simon can make as many 21700 flashlights as he wants based on requests / suggestions here, it will not change that a 18650/18350 quad would also be an opportunity for him.

[forward switch/tail] black S11 ,M21A,L21A,L2,L6

others have reverse switch or side switch

i’m not sure ,do you need M21A host with reverse switch

friend, Compared with the 18650 flashlight, the 21700 flashlight is not much larger in size, but the 21700 flashlight is compatible with the 21700 and 18650 batteries.

If you are trying to make a minimum size quad flashlight, I think the 18650/18350 quad flashlight is understandable.

Yes Simon, there are many people who are interested in the M21A and S21A with reverse switch. We discussed it earlier in the thread when the M21A was launched.

hello simon.
how a different between L21A and M21A?

L21A = 21700 L2
M21A = 21700 C8+

Does this happen too with the M21A and L21A?

It’s a pity we can’t use one of the best 21700 cells at the moment

Actually, LR2170SF and M50A seem to be 22700 cells. :-P

I really hope Simon will still offer a choice between forward clicky and reverse clicky as the latter one is known to make problems, causing substantial additional resistance at high currents (> 8A). This additional resistance cannot be measured with the tail cap off. For the time being, I will stick to the forward clicky switch.

E-switches and Andùril for everyone!

Anduril is a terrible UI for non-flashoholics and muggles, which are the vast majority of people buying Convoys.

True; I’ll just learn how to make it happen myself :stuck_out_tongue:

We just need Convoy hosts with separate side switches like the Emisar D4…. The muggles can have a standard Convoy UI driver. Flashaholics can choose something like Lexel’s drivers