【convoy】S21E XHP50.3 HI available now

Not exactly as you’ll see in a few weeks :slight_smile:

Any idea when we might be able to buy red, green, and blue S2+ 18350 tubes with rectangular threads?

Me too, with those who voted, looking forward to the 2700K. Hopefully it was a typo by Simon not including the 2700k in his order.

Someone is working on getting us 12v/6v CRI 90 R9 90 versions of this emitter made.

Also FC60.

Just odered your LED and driver 18A . Do you have reflector and AR lens of 4x18a for sale ?

Link to 519A emitter CCT poll, where 2700k was clear winner.

I want my 2700K dedomed please :innocent:

what LED do you use?

Well, it looks like my bank card is going to be drained

Throw it on the charger if it looks like it will get below 2.8v :slight_smile:

Anyone have the T3 519a 4500k and can show beamshots? Any specs?

Also curious how much more lumens would 6500k generate?

I’m probably in the minority, but I would like to see a 519A in 6500k. I think it is only available in R9050 and not R9080. However, I’ll be happy with the 5700k.

I think it is a good business decision. The 2700k will be very popular, and whilst other companies may sell neutral white 519A lights in the future, very few other companies will sell warm white 519A.

Hi, The xhp70.2 driver, 5A on the aliexpress store, it is a 6V driver? It seems that all 70.2 led board are 6V. (also 30W seems more reasonable than 60W if it was a 12V driver). I’m considering driving an xhp50.3 HI with this driver.

On a tangent note: my S21A with the B35AM hasn’t smoked yet… It has been transferred to the bigger M21A host to be sure…. This driver was using the xhp50.2, 3A driver, am I right?

@elendur, yes, it is a 6V driver.

@Simon, is it possible to get the metal button and adapter without the switch boards? I only need the metal buttons and adapters themselves.

If it is possible, that would be very nice thank you, as I have a lot of Convoy lights I would like to modify for that purpose :smiley:

I like cool white lights for my short 30min late night dog walk. The T3 519A seems to fit the bill since I can swap in a AA if I forget to charge the battery/it runs low.

I’ve tried the TS21 in 4000k? I forget which but I chose the warmest tint available. My eyes didn’t find it bright enough outdoors.

CRI doesn’t matter to me too much when walking the dog since all I need is to spot wildlife (feral cats, skunks, raccoons, etc) in the distance. A skunk looks like a skunk whether it’s 70cri or 90cri.

Patiently waiting for T3 5700K to order 2. One to dedome and one to keep domed. Even better would be 6500K and I would probably order two more to experiment.

I use SBT90.2 .

Yes, I have submitted a purchase plan, but I don’t know if the 2700K will ship with other color temperatures in early May, or it will take a while.

T2 XPG2 6500K

order the L6 reflector and L6 lens ,and note “4X18A reflector for SBT90.2 and gasket and 4X18A lens” in the remarks of your order

Very few people have such a need, if you buy something, I can add a set for free