Convoy S3 MTG2 build

So the Convoy S3 has a nice deep pill for stacked chip driver but has a somewhat shallow reflector where as the S2 has a shallow pill and a deep reflector correct? OK between the two I want to build a MTG2 16mm MCPCB and a 4.04Amp 17mm Qlite driver host :slight_smile: I like the 22 mode driver because with the hot emitters i like to start them @ 2% or ML etc and work my way to the sun modes :slight_smile:

has anyone built a MTG2 in the smaller EDC form hosts from convoy S series?
I will be using 2x 18350s 10a efest

This should be interesting. The S2 pill is 8mm coupled with a 18mm reflector for a total assembly of 26mm in a 122mm host. The S2+ pill is 13mm coupled with a shorter 11mm reflector for a total of 24mm in a slightly shorter 120mm host. So, the S2+ pill has more heatsinking potential.

I believe the S3 is also the shorter configuration like the S2+ with the larger pill. I have interchanged internals between the S2 and the S2+ (both 18350 and 18650 versions) with the springs easily taking up the slight 2mm difference. I really like the S2 series for the quality construction at a cheap price. My next project is going to be a S2+ triple now that my XP-G2 High CRI Aleph LE is completed. Fun Stuff!

CRX built an MT-G2 S6

If you're okay with a floody beam and filing a bit of the reflector I would say go for it :) I was lazy to file a reflector for my S2, so I ended up using an XHP50 instead :P

how many amps you hitting that XHP50 with in the S2 host?

The driver is some funky one mode DD with a now magic smoke'd 8ohm color band resistor on it, but I'm pulling around 3A on 2*Efest Purple 18350 thanks to the magic smoke.

Going with a 4.44A driver

I have a Convoy M1 with a zener modded q-lite driver (16 total 7135’s) that is getting close to 6A at the tail with the XHP50.

Stock switch ?

yes. so far so good. I put a bypass wire in from the top of the spring to the board though. I also built a S2+ pulling 8A with the mountain FET. triple XPG2, stock switch with the bypass wire. J)

I will say both of these lights get hot quickly. High mode is 30 sec- 1 min. then knock it down a level or 2.

I am going to choose the S3 because it comes in GOLD. ;-D

Hmm i retract my last reply, Not so sure the S3 will work with a qlite with 4 extra chips? & isnt the S2 pill even shallower?

My S3s don’t have pills at all, they’ve got an integrated shelf and can fit quite a lot inside: Driver: Master & slave driver board for S3 triple.

I like Convoy hosts but the differences in them all are confusing. For example, this is the S3 host with integrated shelf that I have:

And then, here’s the gold S3, but according to the picture it has a pill:

So besides the color it would seem that the gold S3 host is not identical to the grey or black S3. Very confusing…

ordered the S3 in Gold and 4.44A driver. will be posting build pics.
will post a new thread since this one is cluttered :stuck_out_tongue:

you used dmm to read amps at the tail, with no switch being a part of the circuit, right?

Yes, one lead on neg battery and one lead on the end of the aluminum body.

How you extend and isulate the reflectors of the convoy to fit the mt-g2? Are there any suitable isulation gaskets for the mt-g2?

there is always kapon tape, yes i keep waiting for the day when the centering ring insulators are available but I have found that a lot of thin hard plastics will hold up to the heat so DIY is always an option.

come on guys use your brain…be creative. you can use any kind of plastic like old credit cards or old ID card anything plastic doesn’t really matter even you can use paper

Thank you! And how you extend the hole of the reflector? Grinding? Or you drill it? How can I prevent damage to the reflector?