Convoy S6

On the driver board theres a row of resistors, 4 wide. I was told to leave one of those alone, but stack on the other 3. So I got 1ohm resistors and have stacked 5 total. I’m now getting an estimated 4.86A to the MT-G2 emitter for some pretty serious light output! :slight_smile: Noticeably brighter than stock, you can feel it heating up much quicker as well. :wink:

The hardest thing about it is getting the 3 screws out of that aluminum plate where the spring is. One of mine broke. They have Red Locktite on em for some strange reason.

Sounds cool but soldering those little resistors for me is a no go. I have 5 thumbs on each hand. Lol. Did you take any pictures so maybe I can see if this is a possibility for me? Thanks

You see the row of resistors, and the incoming positive lead in red. I stacked 1ohm resistors on the 3 to the right, then came back and stacked one more on the 2 to the right. Not extremely difficult, but very close space, need pretty steady hands.

Wow! Those are tiny. Thanks for the pic.

I upgraded the wiring to 22ga silicone wires. Didn't think it could hurt anything, especially looking for more amps. :) According to the math, mine is now making some 2780 lumens. Wish I had a sphere to check it out in. It is significantly brighter than stock, I know that.

I do not have a sphere but we do have a light box that we made out of a pvc p-trap. By testing many lights with known lumen values I am very confident that our formula is very close.

What is the Convoy L4 really putting out the front?

L4? Dunno - it's a C8 class at 2.8A, XM-L2 U2 1A supposedly, but probably on a cheapo star - aluminum, no AR. I would guess in the 800's, or about 800 - they claim 1,000. For that price a XinTD C8 is a better deal but the side switch is nice - dunno if the L4 can be upgraded so easy because of the electronic switch - need special Dr Jones driver, maybe. The XinTD still lacks a Noctigon though - pity.

The Convoy S6 is a pretty sweet little light. Nothing fancy, but decently made and pretty easy to mod. I’ve seen them listed on FT as a DIY model with no emitter/star or driver for only $10…if you’re gonna mod it anyway this is a great deal! Drop in a Qlite, a noctigon with your choice of emitter, and you’re off and running with a very compact little pocket rocket! :wink:

manxbuggy1, are you listening? $10, DIY model. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Couldn’t find the S6, but the M2 looks better with some heat dispersing fins…$17 Convoy M2 DIY

Edit: Here’s the DIY version of the S6, for $10 Convoy S6 DIY (Thanks Boaz)