Convoy S9 switch issues

Anybody aware of a fix for the S9 switch? My light’s switch will click repeatedly, but it takes a certain press to click on. It’s not predictable, other than it usually won’t light on the first click. Frustrating. I have pulled the driver out and there are no visible bad solder joints. The driver is snug to the shelf. Any ideas?

Get it that way, or did it just go wonky over time?

If it’s WOA (wonky on arrival), maybe contact the seller and ask. Some companies (and you know who you are!) might offer you a nice shiny quarter for compensation, but if you ordered it directly from Simon I’m sure he’d take care of it.

If it happened later… dunno. Might be a replacement switch that can be soldered to the satellite board, dunno. Ain’t got one, so can’t say what’s inside.

I got one like this, it was a PITA but I finally get fully refunded via PayPal claim…