【convoy】SFT40 5000K back in stock (sufficient)

Ooo, finally a black centering gasket. I like it.

I think you mean to say anti-reflective film. ;-)

I have done a quick search about transparent anti-reflective film and found certain information, although I'm not going to go on with it now because at this moment we certainly don't know what type of technology are you speaking about or can get a hold of.

However what I can certainly say is that if you can get some example lenses, from what I can see here in post #5463 it is clear that you can certainly test them to know if they will be liked. The goal is:

  1. Lenses or lens coating must not raise Duv; if they lower Duv a tiny bit it can be nice.
  2. Beam CRI or CRI with the lens on must be as good as it is without lens (R9 should not go down, and etc.).

Just in case, without any sort of testing it can be clearly understood that uncoated quality lenses meet both conditions. O:)

Well just a curiosity,what happen on the tint if the coating instead of violet will be Rose?
That would be interest if decrease Duv without intact CRI

Simon, a couple of months ago you mentioned the 3X21A had a triple XHP70 in the works. Any time frame for pictures or release?

I have a question, which is a sincere question. What is the purpose of anti-reflective coating on our flashlight lenses? Is there some kind of glare that it eliminates ? If so is it glare on what we are lighting up or from the lens itself?

To my knowledge, it is used in order to get more light through the lens. Otherwise, some of the light would reflect back into the flashlight itself instead of going out the front. A lot of AR lenses are claimed to have ~99% transmittance. Uncoated glass is less. How much less, I’m not sure (maybe 5% less?).

Simon, do you have a timeline for the T3? Sorry if this has already been answered.


The point is the driver board, which is not a FET, but a constant current. As long as the driver board is completed, the rest of the work will be done quickly.
The manufacturer has done samples three times, but each time the samples are done, it turns out that it is very difficult to purchase chips. The supply of chips is extremely unstable this year.
I want to temporarily remove the reverse charging function.

Available now ,but there is only 4modes currently ,the 12groups driver is still in production

Hi Simon, T3 is still advertised as (pre sale) $999 listing. When will 4 mode T3 listing be advertised?

Also Simon, I would appreciate your opinion on Acupuncture?

Oh, stop needling him…

I’ll take another picture later and correct the price.

I’m confused. Are you asking me a medical question?

Not medical. Just your opinion on if you’ve had it done, or think it’s beneficial for ailments? Such as for Pain relief

Sorry, I don’t know anything about acupuncture.
I only experienced cupping cup and scrape therapy.

Have you thought about developing flashlights with dual diodes and dual batteries? For example 2*LH351D/2*14500 or 2*50XHP/2*21700 and many other options.
I have already seen many such inexpensive flashlights on Aliexpress, apparently there are factories that can make such cases from aluminum at an affordable cost.

Does L21B KW CSLNM1.TG come with a 5A 17mm 12 group driver?

I think I received one with a 6A 20mm 12 group driver.

Measured 6.5A on 100% which is a bit high for CSLNM1’s max 5A.

Hope you don’t mind, Tim, but that’s one of the best focused Osrams I’ve ever seen. Did it come from Simon that way, or did you adjust it?

It came focused like that from Convoy. I ordered the L21B KW CSLNM1.TG from Convoy store on AE a few weeks ago. :+1:

It looks like the beam throws further than my Manker MC13 White and it has a much more focused pencil beam.

I need to figure out how to use maukka calibration lights and a UNI-T 383S to measure how far it can throw. :person_facepalming: