【convoy】SFT40 5000K back in stock (sufficient)

Thanks Simon, appreciated. Loving the light :slight_smile:

@Simon: thx, I see.
Do you plan Samsung LH351D 5000K 90CRI option?

Does new 20700 hosts support pocket clips?

Just FYI:

New Liitokala Lii-50E 5000mAh 21700 battery have 21.3mm diameter and fit perfectly into Convoy S21A.

Can you share a link?

UTFG? :smiley:

Let me guess: this (not sponsored, or anything)

Just buy the original Samsung cell


Anyone tried ordering something from the Convoy store and requesting a discount recently?

AliExpress changed the payment methods, they removed the “other payment methods” option: card, PayPal, WebMoney and wire transfer only now. :|

Messaged Simon in AliExpress, guess this has to be done in some alternative way now.

Not really. I never asked for any discount.

Yes, just order and do not finish payment
message Simon the ordernumber and mention the BLF Discount and he will give you discount

Does anyone else have problems with M21B tailstanding?

I cannot order without paying this way!

When “other payment methods” was available I would select that, place order and withdraw from the payment page. This is no longer available.

Sorry but fµck1ng AliExpress, this year's site renewal has been a screw-up and it seems not yet done…

Yes, M21B can’t tailstand, button is juuust a little too big. In fact it can tailstand but on the edge and it’s wiggling.
I think Simon mentioned it will be fixed in next batch, but I’m not sure.

The payments' issue has been reported (had a lenghty chat with customer service). The representative told me the Android application would provide me with the missing “other payments” option. Too bad the app messes up with browser operation, “capturing” website commands and opening up, which I don't like. So I kept the intallation package (apk) and uninstalled it after submitting my order LoL.

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Wellp, it was just a convoluted process to begin with, and I just figured Simon’s a one-man band doing pretty much everything solo, so just I’d rather he have it than go through all the contortions for a few bux.

Plus, when I just asked if he had any S2+ pills for sale because they weren’t listed on his store, he threw in a few for free.

Yep, those UV lights will attract damned near anything

I recieved my Convoy M21B yesterday, I think it’s a very nice upgrade of one of my favorite Convoy flashlights the M1.

I like the new Convoy drivers, but I why do they have mode memory ?. I would prefer no mode memory or at least option to toggle it on or off.

You are way overthinking this. Just choose wire transfer or literally anything that will allow you to complete it. When you go to your orders and finally pay it will prompt you with the options again (you aren’t stuck using wire transfer).

Wellp, what you call upgrade can also be considered a pocketable downgrade. Barefooted I'm just 5' 5" and the M1 has around the maximum size I am willing to carry in my trousers' front pockets. O:)

Convoy M21A
It does have the ideal beam width for me. The brightness is almost good.
However. Is it possible, that if the INR18650 3600mAh 10A (Yellow) Vapcell battery is around 3.5V without load, then the High and the Turbo mode practically have the same brightness? I used it on a bike as a high beam, so it was cold. So cold actually, that I could even touch the inside of the flashlight.

Is there any other flashlight with the same beam parameters, but better cooling anyway? Maybe, with electronic switch? It would be also insane, if I could connect two to each other. I think about something what you can do with the S2 drivers: remove the Attiny 13 from one of them, and wire the controller output of the other Attiny to where the removed controllers output were. I haven’t tried it, but based on how this chip works, it should be possible :slight_smile:

Assuming the Vapcell cell is a Samsung 36G , according to HKJ’s data, at the point where voltage under minimum load reaches 3.5V, the voltage under 2-3A load is 3.30-3.35V, add 0.1 or 0.2V voltage loss from the flashlight body and circuits and the voltage becomes insufficient to support the highest modes. As it doesn’t use PWM, each mode should keep its current constant until it loses regulation, then the current will be the one from the Vf curve for the voltage after losses. If the voltage is only enough, for example, for 1.5A then both 30% and 100% modes will be 1.5A. The modes are not a % of the max mode as in 7135s PWM drivers.