【convoy】Some items are unavailable during the 2024 New Year holiday.

Provided that Simon uses Atmel chips on his drivers, I wonder if he was interested in my UI approach I once presented here on BLF:


  • based upon FSM code (Andúril 2 source code)
  • stripped down to the essential functionalities
  • keeping more or less the same layout for interactions (1C on/off, 4C lockout, 2H ramp down, ...)
  • optimized timing settings for clicks, blinks etc. as we know it from Andúril
  • logarithmic ramping curve (more linear to the human eye's perception)
  • optimized thermal regulation based upon predefined settings in source code

If Simon even were to provide flashing pads on his drivers, customers could conveniently flash their own firmware onto Convoy flashlights (NarsilM, Andúril 1/2, this "basic UI" shown below, ...). If he even were to use the new AVR-1 chips (816, 1616, 3216) he could benefit from factory-calibrated voltage and temperature readout.

All it takes is:

  • some helpful member(s) doing the necessary changes on the source code (this started to happen on the above mentioned thread already)
  • a manufacturer willing to invest a few days of time and willing to step up to a more sophisticated but simply-kept user interface

On a side note:

Unfortunately, I have not succeeded in winning over some of the popular manufacturers I am familiar with for this UI, no matter how hard I tried. Their initial and overwhelming interest has finally gone into oblivion.

Lux-P - that UI looks awesome. I would be in! Looks like all you need. Great for the Convoy brand, as a basic but intelligent UI and Operarion. And of course then if users wanted they could flash whatever UI they like, too.

I don't see a downside.

simon has seemed open to new and more out of the box things, I see him looking into (with much help from educated users) a tint ramping 4x led with optics edc option.

I think a UI like this would be PERFECT for that new light.

Yes! that's the UI Convoy needs

+1 Lux-P, it's a richer UI but still simple, shame it hasn't been picked up.

Honestly, I just rubber band my soda can light to a tripod, with a pair of thick rubber bands like the kind that grocery stores use on celery bunches, without the mounting plate and thread in the way. A cotton rag helps keep it from slipping. It is neither very solid nor pretty, but it is easy and quick.

It would not be difficult to go a step further and put a 1/4-20 thread in an aluminum plate, then glue or screw a saddle to the plate for the light to sit in, with tabs to attach the rubber bands to.

I have seen some bike mounts that look like they could be adapted to fit some soda cans, but nothing that would work right off the shelf.

Found it! Here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/61510

haha, awesome!

Simon, will there be a M26D flashlight? Just like M21D but for 26650/26800 batteries?


All adapters have traces of processing, so I can’t choose them for you. But I promise you that when the new adapter is available, I will give you two for free, it is very cheap.

I first try to slow down the entire process of ramping, and the entire time will be doubled.
If this method is not ideal, the ramping speed below 50% current remains unchanged, and the ramping speed above 50% current becomes slower.

Merchants and flashlight enthusiasts have different ideas, because imitation is too popular in China, and it becomes difficult to open the code.

3*XHP70.2 is in design now

I have the following plan: when the flashlight is turned on, the color of the light on the button or the number of flashes represents the current power.
In order to avoid affecting the use, the light on the button goes out after 5 seconds.

Oh no, MTG2 represents an ancient era
Because the light efficiency is too low, it seems that no flashlight manufacturer is willing to use it anymore.

M26D seems too similar to M3-C. It’s just that the head of the M26D is slightly larger.

AMAZING to hear! It will be my first multi xhp light, and it will be avialble in 4000k? awesome!

I prefer 3*GT FC40, which is easier to obtain and lower cost.

yes, 6500K 5000K 4000K ,3000K are all available

I don't own any gt fc lights, but based on what I read I would be very interested in this too! Plus hi cri and better throw!

Convoy has been making a lot of new models lately.
Hmm… how about 3x21700 zoomie with big aspheric lens?
3X21Z or something. :stuck_out_tongue: