Convoy T3? What new goodies does Simon have in store?

Has anyone seen this listing on the Convoy Store? Comes in colors, added machine work, assume 14500/AA. Wonder what driver? Almost wish I had seen this before my last T2 order.

Convoy T3

Very discount price of US $999.00 :money_mouth_face:

Lights not yet produced always get that kind of price… I think it is just a store placeholder for a new product.

So no platinum body? :stuck_out_tongue:

YES!!! :partying_face:
I believe this will be an AAA light, no? :innocent:

I’m betting it’s an AA/14500 with Anduril.

I’ve always admired that about Simon - he just does stuff, he doesn’t prattle on about it for six months stoking enthusiasm and then deliver some watered down, ridiculously compromised Frankenlight.

Good on ya, Simon. Put me down for a couple.

Tumbleweed, I could not agree more… He does designs he wants to see and usually what we happen to want to see. I am sure I will have at least one of them in blue. Looks to be a mechanical switch, I doubt it will be Anduril.

I have messaged Simon about more details!

Keep us informed please!

From FB page:
Similar to T2 with 12 modes driver for aa/14500

err……can this see through clothes?


I hope he does these like the colored C8s, but with emitters always matching the body color. Purple-UV, blue-blue, etc. I’ll definitely buy every one of them if he does.

So, I missed this… which group had the info?

Convoy fans

Simon really has been on Fire, this past year. Biscotti was a massive step, a few years back.

Now he seems determined to make Convoy a mainstream company!!

Hoping for 14500, looking at the lanyard holes, it looks big like 14500. But I could be wrong.

Why Already bought 6 T2’S. Ready for T3

Why does FB Group always have more info over BLF?

Twisty? Maybe. The way the head screws on, looks kinda funky.

Nop, otherwise it would be hard configuring it. It is a tailswitch light!

I wish there will be an orange one (the one in the photo seems a mix of golden and orange, not like the C8), but if not, I’ll get some blue :wink:

Thanks, I don’t have FB, to see additional info. Interested to know what list price will be

Me neither :wink:

I was just basing on the information provided above, talking about being a driver with 12 group modes.
Also, the design is similar to the other lights from Convoy with tailswitch (look at the tailcap).

I’ll also be looking for more information about this :wink:

Simon confirmed AA/14500 with q2 mode driver.