Convoy Throwers and other budget throwers

Convoy came out recently with a bunch of new designs some of them could be promising throwers, I don’t think I am the only one confused, I spent some time trying to figure them out and I will try to list them in a somewhat organized manner.

I don’t think there has been a recent thread about budget throwers sub $50 USD / 45 EUR.
So feel free to compare any other flashlight brands as well. This thread by Vietnamreviews has a comparison of high end throwers.

Just to make a little sense of the Convoy naming scheme, I believe there are 3 types of Convoy flashlight heads: (flashlights have “heads” and “bodies” or “battery tubes”.)

S - small head, M - medium, head L - large head
Numbers like 21 or 26 indicate that it is a newer naming designed for 21700 or 26650 batteries.
Numbers like 2, 3, 5,… indicate that it is a traditional naming scheme, not necessary old just traditional.

If you can’t find an answer for what you are looking for in this limited thread, Simon from Convoy has a dedicated thread, here
He is pretty good at answering questions.

OK so here are some of the throwers I am talking about :
Convoy M2 L2 L6 C8, C8+ these follow the traditional naming
Convoy S21A, S21B, S21C, S26C, L21A - newer naming scheme
I will post a picture for a better illustration hope soon.

L2-is a large thrower, in the size of a maglite, and it works with 1 or 2 batteries, (size 26650) you could use 18650 with plastic adapters. you can choose black or Desert Tan (Sand) annodization.
L6- probably the most powerful and heaviest Convoy thrower.
L21A- a single 21700 battery version of L2, has a fairly large head,

M2 -compact thrower

C8- this is one of the most popular dedicated throwers, 1x18650 battery succeeded by C8+
C8+ -excellent dedicated thrower, with a decent reflector head, that comes with tons of options, like XPL-HI or SST40 emmiters, Black or Desert Sand annodizing. I think this has been the most recommended thrower in the past few years because it is easy to modify.
M21A- in short it appears to be a 21700 version of C8.
M21C- still considered a medium thrower accepts a 21700 battery, with slightly larger head that M21A and C8, but smaller than L2/L21A
M26C- a 26650 version of M21C

To be continued……

Reserved for Comparison

Very useful, thanks

I wouldn’t call the M21B a thrower. It’s just a fatter M1, and the M line is meant to have a balanced flood/throw ratio.


Good call, will take it out then.

Here are some more details about the Medium throwers

  • C8- Black, Silver, or Clear anodizing and a choice of XM-L2, XPL-HI
  • C8+ -Black or Desert Tan anodizing and a choice of SST40 or XPL-HI
  • M21A - Black anodizing and has a choice of SST40 (5000K or 6500K),
  • M21C - Silver anodizing only and has a choice of SST40 (5000K or 6500K) or XHP70.2 (3000K ……6500K), 4 mode or 12 group firmware
  • M26C-Silver only and has a choice of SST40 (5000K or 6500K) or XHP70.2 (3000K ……6500K), 4 mode or 12 group firmware

Holster for C8/C8+ is here
Holster for M21A/M21C/M26C is here

Here are some more details about the LARGE throwers:

  • L2 - Black or clear anodizing and a choice of XHP-50.2 or XPL-HI

Holster for L21A coming soon?